Idea for early acute phase — oral steroids? Anyone tried this?

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Thinking in advance of a round 2 acute phase and how to prepare. My thought is oral steroids like methylpresisone could be an interesting hack. Immediately calm inflammation with a one week course and hopefully stop the plaque in its tracks or maybe reverse it. They treat Dupuytrens (related condition to Peyronies) with steroid injections  — it's worked for me to pause the disease. Less inclined to take an injection down there during early acute.

Anyone tried this? :) 
46 years old. Developed pain in penis Sept 2022. Slight curve (I think!). Diagnosed 2 weeks later with a palpable small plaque. Flaccid ultrasound was clear. On 5mg Cialis daily. Arginine. Debating Pentox, traction and coq10. Family history.