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Anyone had a second plaque that balanced out curve?

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Lol, this is like bitter sweet as it's obviously not great to get another plaque but since it seems to have developed on the left side (my initial was only on right) it seems like my penis is more straight, I'm guessing the left side plaque kinda evened it out a bit? anyone else experienced this?

Still now experiencing hourglassing... I think if I was able to not have any pain and could get erect this would be fine though...

I'm not actively using VED or any treatment as I'm travelling so often but now settled will start again...
28yo, diagnosed Peyronies Disease 13/6/22, 30dg curve to right/slightly down, Erectile Dysfunction, indentation, shortening 1inch+

urologist gave me cialis 5mg to take daily and SOMAcorrect

praying i can get this under control asap, restore length/avoid Erectile Dysfunction


mine started on the right side then the left next was hour-glassing followed by shortening 1.5 inches. but it is now straight.
64yrs Peyronies Disease diagnosed approx 2yrs was a small lump now 1.5" shorter with profound hourglass and the onset of Erectile Dysfunction, 2x courses EWST penimaster pro soma correct many vitamins and supplements