AMA: a 39y old man peyronie's veteran come back to the forum

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In 2010 both CPPS and peyronie started. I was 27 years old, now I'm 39y.
I tried everything (no operation).
I've been to hell and back many times. I was about to commit suicide.
After many years I've come back here to the forum.

If you need someone who can understand you, if you have doubts, if you want to know something about my long ordeal and what I learned, ask me everything.  


Quote from: Bud luck on January 23, 2023, 11:58:27 AM
How is your deformity now? Do you have erections? Are you in a relationship?, Did you condition improve or worsen?, How are you mentally right now?. Sorry for so many questions but I like to know how guys are dealing with the condition after a long time

1) Deformity never really improved overall, but I know what to do in order to minimize it in my case (omega 3 + traction + heat + diet).
So if I know how to minimize it why I didn't do it constantly? Because I have CPPS, and traction worsens its symptoms.
But I had an injury during sexual intercourse 3 weeks ago, peyronies started again in another area, and now I'm doing the protocol above. I'm now willing to bear the consequences on my CPPS symptoms.
2) Erections after peyronies are better than before. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe it is due to the early stage treatment based on verapamil infiltrations + carnitine + arginine + CoQ10: a lot of blood flow to the penis for many months.
Moreover in the first year I also tried many other treatments, like traction and VED, all positive for the erection.
3) I'm in a relationship with a beautiful woman met 5 years ago: sex is perfectly fine. She never really noticed my condition. I spoke about that with her some time after we met.
4) The disease followed more cycles. I would say that the worst year for me was the 3rd year of the disease.
Nonetheless I psychologically overcame the condition, at least partially, only after 5 years: I don't remember if I accepted the condition because of exhaustion or if the condition improved a bit. Likely a mix of both reasons.
5) I was mentally fine until some days ago when I noticed that peyronies started again.
Now I'm not desperate, but I know that I have to react in a certain way. I have a lot of experience compared to when the disease began.