Congenital Curvature

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John 11

Hi friends
I am 27 years old and I have a congenital curvature
And look for a doctor who can do this surgery properly
If you know doctors in Germany, please write to me
I will upload this image
And thanks all

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Are you sure that you want to have surgery for this? Yes you do have a congenital curve but you may still be able to have satisfying sex. You may just be dealing with anxiety over this. Also could you please fill out your signature line so we don't have to go searching for your condition.
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John 11

well thank you for your reply Mikel7
firstly I would like apologise for my English
I have been suffering of curve penise snice I born and this made me lack of self-confidence so I decided to solve this problem tow years ago I went to docters in Turkey they told me to use medicines and the penis extender But unfortunately they were useless however I did not do the surgery in Turkey because I could not find who can do it with out problemes
now I have no pain but the shape It worries me
to be honestly I haven't had sex in my life because I always had fear that with this penis I will not be able to do it  
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Hallo Jon 11, I viewed the photograph you provided. it is understandable that you have suffered mentally & emotionally over this congenital curve. Even though we do not know one another, I wish to assure you in positive ways.
1) The curve in the photograph is not abnormal or unusual. It is within the range of normal.
2) The photograph shows a good or nice organ that should be very functional.
3) My curvature caused by peyronies was very severe (110 degrees). If my curve was only what you have, then it would not have been necessary to pursue treatment.
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Hello John 11

My downward congenital curve is similar.  I've never had a problem with sex.

If you have a hard erection and no pain, perhaps try sex first.  For me surgery is always the last resort.

Hope this helps.  
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