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Need some opinions on VED usage

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Hi all,

Hope you're doing well in your battle against this disease.

I'm wondering if any of the more experienced VED-users could help me out with my problem.

I fractured my penis some 6 years ago, got an embolisation done and have been using VED on-and-off.
Peyronie cost me alot of length already... and I'm doing my best not to let this drag me down, while attempting to regain length/girth through VED.
My urologist told me that lymphocele might always re-occur, which does if I use the VED more than 3 days in a row.
I've tried letting it rest for over 5 weeks, but it still recurs as soon as VED or very gentle traction is applied...
The current concensus is to use the VED two times a week.

Now, the amount of lymphatic fluid in my penis directly influenced my erection strength and sensitivity.
Since the fracture I still suffer soft-glas, which is numb for around 60%.
The harder my glans, the better the sensitivity.

I've read, and tried the VED strategy in which I pump to a certain limit, and immediately deflate.

Like: Pump - pump, wait 4 sec, Pump - pump, wait 4 sec, Pump - deflate. (In a somacorrect, B-cilinder)

Due to my dick being fibrotic for the most part, I'm unable to push it beyond that.
It's as if the fibrotic tissue is limiting my ability to get a full erection in the VED.

If I try, I get major lymphocele problems.

My questions is: does anyone know any specific VED-techniques that are better at restoring glans-rigidity and sensitivty, whilst also helping out in length restoration.

My current schedule shows some minor improvements in my glans' rigidity, but since I'm not really stretching the fibrotic tissue, my penis does seem smaller after using it.

I do the mentioned protocol two times a week, for 15 minutes.

Otherwise I drink horsetail-tea, try pressure bandages, kegels and I try to keep my head up.

Any advice/input is appreciated.
28 yrs old
Trauma 2017, popping sound, rapid loss of erection, no blood, no pain
Multiple urologists - diagnosed with penile fracture
No arterial pathologies BUT venous leak (type 2)
Embolization 30/04/21 Dr. Vanlangenhove, Univ. Hosp. Ghent, Belgium


It sounds like you understand the protocol for the VED usage and may I suggest you investing in a traction system. Have you tried the PMP or Restorex and see if that could help you out with restoring your lost length?
Lump April 2020, age 61 , Dr Levine 6-26-20,
Dorsal Curve 11-1-20 , Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, ALCAR, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
had SNHL 7-31-20 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working.


What cylinder are you using?
When I use the A cylinder, I completely fill it very quickly, with all of the external pressure being exerted mostly on glans and my problem area... would it be worth seeing if you have better results in the A cylinder?
35. No injury. Lump Feb 22.
Still waiting on Urologist referral.
Large dent, left hand & upward hinge 50deg. Bad erections.
Supportive partner but severe depression.
Vit E 1000mg, VED Oct 22. Cialis 5mg Dec 22. Only worsening since.