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I have done a lot of prior work with energy medicine.  I have built Bob Beck electronic equipment and Hulda Clark electronic equipment and have built an aether energy device powered from electromagnetic energy.
In my experiments from long ago I melted seashells with similar equipment.  The equipment would be very safe to use on the body as it is quite low voltage and power.
I was wondering if anyone has tried these types of treatments for Peyronies Disease.

Also, if there are like minded folks out there who would enjoy exchanging ideas and maybe collaborate on some beneficial equipment, I would be interested in hearing from you.


Can you tell us more about this device? What does it do, what is it used for?
Thank you.
39 yo. Peyronie's disease, first diagnosed around May 2021. Initial curvature around 55-60 degrees. Tried Xiaflex injections (10 in total) + RestoreX for over a year. Curvature has not changed. I got a new pump/indentation from using RestoreX


Sorry, but this sounds a bit far-fetched. What are you proposing to do with this equipment? This forum is dedicated to understanding and treating Peyronies disease. What you are proposing sounds completely different.
Developed peyronies 2007 - 70 degree dorsal
Traction/MEDs/Injections/Surgery 2008
66y/o  14 years Peyronies free
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