Has your hourglass/indentation improved with time?

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If you have hourglass/indentations, has it gotten better with time? What changes have you seen since the onset, versus 6 months later? A year later? I've read various posts that say their indentation/hourglass got better with time. If you fall into this category, please share your experience and what methods you tried. I've read multiple counts where people say the hourglass or hinge smoothed out some with time, and others who say it went away all together. Hourglass and hinge is my only problem right now and really trying to hear some success stories.
Fit 37 year old athlete. Hinging and hourglass began Sep 2022. Tried VED, Restorex, tadalafil with no improvement. Implanted by Dr Hakky 11/28/23 with Titan touch XXL 26 cm no RTE's. Pre op 8.25Lx 5ish G. Post implant: 8.25 L x 5.5 G


Mine has improved a lot in the last few months after some ten years without significant change previously. It was pretty bad on the left hand side for all that time until quite recently and much less noticeable now. I would say it is 90% better, though still visible at the point where the upward curvature begins.

The improvement started after I changed my diet fairly radically, but I have found that continuous progress only seems to occur when also tied to a positive mindset and good relationships with those around me like my wife. If I am stressed, angry or dealing with anxiety for whatever reason all healing seems to pause.  
55 years old. First developed Peyronie's in 2012. Tried all the usual treatments without success and generally only got worse. Seeing improvement following a move to a raw whole food plant based diet, plus flax seeds, lots of water and yoga.


Hey Man,

I think I am on the upswing for my hg/dent. In the past it's always slowly become less visible after aggrevation. but this time it took almost 7 weeks bus I am cautiously optimistic it is going away . I've been aggressively treating it: on Pentox 400mg 3x daily, topical verapamil, cialis 20mg nightly, COQ10 200-600mg daily. Also, emerged from the depression this has been causing and been eating healthier and exercising like a maniac which I think has helped improve cardiovascular and thus improved blood flow to the area.
33 years old, symptoms started early 20's but never really bothered me until the last two years
Trimix worked well but caused more scarring. 
Titan 24CM XL+ 1 CM RTE'S Dr. Hakky 4/4/23
Hyaluronic acid penis filler by Dr. Hakky June 2023


I always find it really interesting when I see people say how their symptoms improve after they relax more about the issue and avoid stress etc. In a highly anxious state (that I think we all go through at least upon discovering the problem if not longer) my symptoms certainly seemed at their worst.

Makes me curious to know how much of the issues such as hourglassing really are more related to pelvic floor/hard flaccid symptoms than potentially being a peyronie's problem, or perhaps a combination of both?

It doesn't make much sense to me how relaxing could effect plaque, but it does make a lot more sense that relaxation would release your pelvic floor.

32 yo UK
Engaged with two young children
Injured 2017, healed
RE injured Sept 2022
Chronic flaccid pain since 2nd injury
Starting 5mg cialis daily, trying to obtain pentox online

Possible hard flaccid, possible Peyronie's, possible nerve damage


34 Years Old...Peyronies for 4 years. 20 Degree left and upwards curvature, major dents and narrowing, ED.

Implant + Tunica Expansion Procedure, 7th Feb 2023, Titan 22cm +1cm RTE, Partial revision 27th June 23 (fix pump, remove 10ml reservoir).