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Hi all.  As you can see from my profile I have a hinge and a left curve about 25 degrees about halfway on my shaft.   However in the recent weeks I have had a plaque formation about the size of a tic tac right basically where the shaft meets the head.  Will that lead to me also having an upward curve or is the fact that its right near the head not cause it.   I've read through the forum and see pictures that most of the upward curves are halfway up the shaft.  Can the penis have a bend basically only at the point the head meets the shaft?  Thank you
41 M
20 degree curvature to the left
Diagnosed Aug 2022
Also have BPH (I think finasteride caused my Peronies)
Currently on 2.5mg cialis  and 400mg of Pentox (twice a day)
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I have two Tic tacs. One on each side. In my case it did not lead to a significant curvature, more so to a loss of sensation in the penis.
Peyronie's onset in 11/2021. Age 37
Two plaques under the glans. Minimal pain, only congenital curvature.
Tadalafil 5 mg per day + arginine and citrulline supplements