Are there any good surgeons for implants in Europe?

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I want to go with a great high volume surgeon but Dr Eid's price is very expensive for a non-American without insurance, so I'm wondering if there are any others in Europe or elsewhere.
24M, following injury in 2019 have 35 degree lateral curvature, pain, mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, hard flaccid.


I think Prof Ralph at UCL London might be a high volume surgeon.
Late 50s
Official diagnosis 12/2021
Bend at the end @70 degrees upwards/@20 left
RestoreX twice daily
Daily Supps: L-Citrulline, Pycnogenol, Cialis 5mg daily, Mg and Cu


I was implanted by Mr Nim Christopher at University College Hospital London in July this year under the NHS and I have been delighted at the results and the care provided.

I understand he also does private work.

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69 yrs old
Peyronies Disease + Erectile Dysfunction for 6 years. 90-degree sideways bend
Tried VED, diets, Pentox, Restorex plus electrical stimulation, DMSO without success, 
In a long-term relationship. 
Implant by Dr Christopher 22cm Titan July 2022 no RTEs.