Chordees disease and using resotrex uncut

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Hello, I'll come to you all with complete transparency and honesty, I do not have peyronies. I have a conditioned called Chordees, and boys, this disease is basically the same thing as peyrnoies, except it's not necessarily caused by a plaque.

In my case, I think my curvature (which is a sharp curve to the right) is caused by a lack of collagen and tissue on one side. To fix this, I wanted to use traction therapy with restorex.

The problem is that I am uncut, and it will slip out and often stretches the skin instead of the penis itself.

I have tried retracting then wrapping the foreskin, but it'll still slip out.

I've theorized that I may have very loose foreskin, or that it's the way the head of my penis is shaped. it's somewhat slanted unlike a regular head.

Is there any advice you can give me?


You should be able to retract your foreskin and wrap/secure yourself below the glans (head) of the penis.
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Check the post about the makeup pads, you should be able to pull the foreskin back and use restorex with the makeup pads comfortably.
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