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Author Topic: Introducing myself  (Read 93 times)

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Introducing myself
« on: November 29, 2022, 11:17:00 PM »

Hi I’m new to the forum but been lurking for a while. I had an injury with my current girlfriend during sex whilst she was on top and I had a weak erection due to being drunk. It made a sort of crunching sound and was painful but I kept my erection and was able to carry on the session. Not sure if that was a good or bad idea.

Since then my penis has been noticeably harder in some places and I can definitely feel a small bump. All my worries happened once we went to have sex again and I had pain during erection and sex which made me lose my erection. I also get pain if the penis has pressure put on it in a certain place. Whether that be squeezed, pushed against a table or if my girlfriend rests her leg on it when cuddling. I don’t have any bend but I do have weaker erections and lose of size and erection angle. If there is any bend developing it would be a downwards bend as my erections used to point directly up.

I went to the emergency department in Australia and explained the story. He then referred me to a urologist who was not helpful at all. Said that he couldn’t see me until January, would not book me in for an ultrasound and said that I would need surgery costing over $5000 without even giving me an examination.

I am visiting another doctor today to try and get a referral for an ultrasound so I can at least confirm my suspicions. I have been supplementing with some of the stuff recommended on here and it seems to be helping with the pain. My only issue is if my girlfriend gags on me or clenches her p~$$% it causes a lot of pain.

Feeling a bit frustrated as I just want to scan to confirm things and start treatment as fast as possible. Debating whether or not to start manual stretches now but I do have some pelvic floor dysfunction so this may affect it.

Would appreciate any advice


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Re: Introducing myself
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2022, 12:16:21 AM »

Hey man.

Depending on how long ago it was, you may benefit from complete sexual abstinence for 4-6 weeks to let your wound heal. Not all injuries to the penis result in loss of erection. I didn't lose mine, but still had a small fracture that left me with Erectile Dysfunction. Please give it rest. Abstain. After that, seek help from a competent urologist to ultrasound your penis and tell you what damage was caused, if at all.

It's a very good thing that you still have erections. Maybe with Cialis and supplements you will be back to a very good hardness state and hopefully it won't progress to peyronies.

Please stick around with us, and in the meantime read the survival guide. Keep an eye out for progression of your symptoms, but try not to freak out.
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