RestoreX with downward bend beginning at the base

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I purchased RestoreX and began using. My bend is downward and begins close to the base. I am not long enough in flaccid state to adjust RestoreX to the longest position using the screws.
So I can't see how to use for bending in opposite direction, only use for straight traction. Right?

Also, you mentioned Gainswave as being a scam, but what about Storz ESWT Duolith SD1 focused shockwave , not radial shockwave, that urologists use?
Is there benefit from having treatments with focused shockwave?




Most will say avoid shockwave as it can and did make them worse and cause other issues.

If you google shockwave, it will be mostly positive results.  Search shockwave in the search tab in the forum and read up on the personal experiences.  When my second opinion uro suggested it, I posted about it and every response was don't do it.

Good luck to you.
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Best to all!