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Author Topic: Partial but significant success with Mansmatters in Richmond, London  (Read 159 times)

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I paid £2900 for a course of six sessions in Richmond lasting six weeks until October. I had quite a few symptoms (major narrowing, loss of length, a 30 degree upward hinge, a 20 degree leftward hinge, a leftward twist, and a lack of blood flow that reduced expansion in the head of the penis. I was impressed with the professionalism and the willingness to explain and discuss by the doctors and it was a very comfortable experience. I paid an extra £900 for extra focus on the head of the penis to try and restore bloodflow.

Overall, it has been an improvement, though not a miraculous one. The head of the penis fills out a bit more and is much more like it was prior to this disease, and in general, my penis does look a bit healthier and more like its "normal" - can I really say it being healthy was what's "normal" anymore? - self. A significantly noticeable indentation in the side has been reduced quite a bit. The biggest change however was from my second session with Dr. Almasham, which was so immediate that only a few hours later my 30 degree upward hinge had been mostly [but maybe not entirely. I don't remember what it's meant to look like anymore] eliminated. That was the biggest result of my sessions and left me feeling very hopeful, but unfortunately it was the only large success of my course.

As someone going into it with pretty much no hope or expectations, I was very happy after that second session. Unfortunately there has not been any greater change than that and the majority of my issues remain at least partially, but at least my penis theoretically would be more suitable for actually having sex now and its nice to see it a little more normal, I guess. I've organised another consultation to try doing another one or two sessions recreating the conditions of my second and most successful session, and maybe I'll get really lucky. Ask me any questions you would like.
Began with pain May 2020: has changed position and form numerous times since then, healing, some not.

1 inch shortening, <1.5" loss of girth, 20degree curvature, twist.. Probably 70% of what it was before.

On supplements, had shockwave, VED


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Re: Partial but significant success with Mansmatters in Richmond, London
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2022, 03:43:34 PM »

thanks for your post, it supports my impression that that ESWT has potential but is very hit and miss (at best, ie can be risky ). Did you get any info at all on the specifics, like, what device used, what transducer/probe type or energy per pulse. ?
Age 57, Onset 2010, 2” shortening, shrinking and angulation of glans, weaker erections, 30 degree bend. Mild pain few months, but far from worst symptom. Tried many ideas, not just from here, but not consistently. Moderate improvement, maybe 40%

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Re: Partial but significant success with Mansmatters in Richmond, London
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2022, 09:34:05 PM »

Mine made it slightly worse!!!!!, but is good to know that is helping some guys out there, I'm happy for you
My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My Erectile Dysfunction is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46
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