It occurs to me that maybe I am doing it wrong...How do you do it?

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Hi folks,

This post will be more upbeat than others I have posted in the past. I am on a dose of antidepressants and therapy that are helping me, finally, get through depression that has rocked me for the last 25 years (that is not a type...seriously) so I see many things in a far different light.

Today, I got to wondering if I am doing it wrong. By "it" I mean physical therapy for my Peyronie's. I am only using the RestoreX because I feel that is maybe all that I need since surgery seems to at least helped blood flow. But, I don't mean specifically what device or medications I am using....I mean the timing of it all. I sat here today questioning how guys find time to get done what needs to be done each day. Not rhetorically like "How can anybody find time to do this every day?" but literally, how do they find time?

That's when I wondered if I was doing it wrong because I am thinking about it wrong. So, literally, how do you find time to do what you need to do for your therapy every day? I am genuinely curious. For me, I have a 13 year old girl running around and want to keep her knowledge limited, of course. But, obviously my wife knows and also knows what I need to do (RestoreX). I thought that I am the type that is trying to hide it away like I feel shame that I even need to use the RestoreX. Usually, I work from home and I wait for everyone to leave the house before doing it. Last weekend, I went to the bedroom to be alone while my wife sat downstairs. She walked into the bedroom mid-way and I sort of gave her the cold shoulder for it. But....should I have? Do you hide it away as if in shame?

I suppose I am a bit of a prude. I loved sex and doing it frequently but I, honestly, never watched a porno film or looked at a magazine...they just seemed kinda weird to me and like the people in them try to hard (they gave me one to glance at before an ultrasound on my penis a couple years ago and I could only laugh...). But, are some of you that open with your loved one that maybe you involve them in the therapy? Do you think that is helpful for your self-esteem and "closeness"?

Do some of you basically build a fortress of solitude to do what you need to do without interruption to just get it done and over with each day?

I am thinking that maybe to help self-esteem, to work on closeness, to build up something that the wife and I lost through the last couple of years, that maybe I should involve her in the therapy. To show her that it's no big deal and not some medieval torture device, and that maybe I am still me and being open about limitations I may have and show that vulnerability. Or would that make me look like a complete sissy?

To be clear....I don't even know if I have limitations...I haven't even tried because of shy/scared/worried that I would have limitations to how far we could go....maybe this is something that could happen to build intimacy and get us both over those feelings?

What are your thoughts? What do you do?

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Having a 13 year old running around is a fun time in your life and she does not need to know what you are doing. I have raised 4 children and my last one is in vet school and I will always cherish their memories when younger.
As far as your wife is concerned  she need to be informed as to what you are doing. I included my wife in when I was going to do traction and heat therapy etc... She was curious and at first I was a bit shy/embarrassed but as I allowed her to see what I was doing and explain the mechanics behind it there was nothing more to be ashamed about. I mean this is the woman I have spent 35 years with and watched her give birth to our 4 kids. My modesty was lost a longtime ago. This peyronies for me actually opened a new door of intimacy that we never shared before. We had to find and discover new ways to enjoy each other sexually. It may take you a while to build up your courage but I say you should consider involving her and explain things to her about clamping/stretching/ blood flow etc.... :)
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