37 days in. Zero improvement, only progression. Questions after 5 weeks.

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Today is my 37th day using the VED, and I'm feeling very discouraged after there being no change so far.

My routine:

I do 5 sets of 5 pumps, holding for 10 seconds then waiting for 10 seconds before my next set.

Then I do 5 sets of 5 pumps, holding for 5 seconds, then increasing by one more pump, holding for 10 seconds then waiting for 10 seconds before my next set.

I do this until I'm pumping 5 times, holding for 5 seconds, then pumping 5 more times. This gets me to around 80% erection and I can sometimes feel some definite sensation in one, but not all of my plaques. I dare not pump any further than this.

I do 15-20 sets in total.

Sometimes my foreskin never rolls back, sometimes it does. When it does, it feels tight. I'm not sure if I should be keeping my foreskin back before I even start VED or what.

I can't use the A chamber as I basically completely fill it within a few sets and I don't feel it's doing anything once I've created a "seal" at the top with my glans.

Unfortunately in this time, the only improvement I've seen is in night time pain, which I can't put down to being purely the VED - I am nearly 10 months into this god foresaken disease and it could just be the pain starting to resolve on its own.


  • Should I be pulling my foreskin back before starting the session?
  • At what point can I reasonably expect to see some effects from this, even minor?
  • How is it possible that 10-15 minutes per day is somehow effective with VED, yet traction devices must be worn for hours on end?
  • What happens when I get to 6 months and there's still zero improvement? Do I stop, or do I carry on?

Thanks 🙂[/list]
35. No injury. Lump Feb 22.
Pain, dent, left & upward bend ~50deg. Bad EQ.
Cialis Dac 22 - ear issues.
Diagnosed Feb 23.
VED Oct 22. PMP Feb 23.
Lump reduced May 23, dent remains, angle a little better. EQ improved.

Supportive partner, depression.


first of all im not a doctor, ill just talk from my experience of using VED of 1.5 years.
as i mentioned many times in other posts, i managed to see great results with VED, but i also injured myself.
Personally i was doing 25 sec holds, ten times, 2 a week (more or less).

I saw improvements in erection quality, lenght, hardness, pleasure, curvature.
I injured myself without even noticing: i did not feel pain and i did not pump to extreme erection. It just happened and i started feeling pain when my penis was flaccid.
So, my suggestion is to keep your faith and dont over do it. If you really feel like nothing is changing maybe do 1 sec more hold. But dont drammatically increase how much you are stretching your penis. You could go from no effect to negative effect without realizing it.
Also, VED is meant to work over the span of months, so it's not supposed to make huge changes in just one month (from my understanding, im not a doctor)
20 yo, Peyronies Disease 2020(55 degrees down) + congenital curve
loss of length, stable erection, sensation. hourglassing
antioxidants, hyaluronic acid injected & oral, maybe Yachia in future
Recently started VED 2x a week
Still wants sex and a relationship


I had curvature 20 degrees, at age 40, I used a pump for about 2 years.
The first year I was very careful and stuck to the routine pumping. It did give me stronger erections but didn't help with the curvature.
Then my wife got Involved, Erectile Dysfunction was driving her mad, she started pumping for me and soon realised a good pump substantially increased the girth.
This became the norm, she pumped me up every day, we only had sex a couple of times per week, but had huge  fun with the pumping every day. Left under vacuum for 20 minutes or more, it did eventually straighten the curve and was all good until a couple of months back, when for no real reason it has curved an enormous amount, 45 degrees.
Have a lump at the base on the left and very weak erections, I am now 66 years.
I have just started using g a traction device and I take 2000mg of niacin every day. I will try this for a few months and see if it works for me.
If not, I'll be getting another pump.
66, first  onset 26 years ago. Had great success with very aggressive use of a VED.
The problem has returned after an illness.
Now, trying a traction device