Anyone otherwise healthy that diet/keto worked?

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Hey everyone,

Wondering if anyone on here has had success in treating Peyronie's by going low carb/keto/carnivore diet that did not have any other symptoms of diabetes. From what I gather, a lot of people seem to have symptoms of or have diabetes along with peyronies.
Is there anyone who is otherwise completely healthy besides peyronies that has had success treating peyronies with a changed diet?

I am very healthy and show no symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure etc. and considering changing my diet, so it would be nice to hear of it working for someone before starting keto diet.

Thanks in advance!
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There are a few men here that have had some success eating better.

I've always watched what I ate and never had a weight problem.  I've been eating better for about 60 days now, semi-keto meaning cutting out bread, pasta, and rice.  Cut back on snacking, on weekends I still watch but are little more lenient.  So far haven't noticed much of a change.

Hope that helps, good luck.   
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