Anybody have a video or pic show how to correctly use RestoreX for curvature?

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I'm getting mine delivered tomorrow.  However I did watch the video on the restorex website and around the 2 min mark it shows how to use it for curvature  
41 M
20 degree curvature to the left
Diagnosed Aug 2022
Also have BPH (I think finasteride caused my Peronies)
Currently on 2.5mg cialis  and 400mg of Pentox (twice a day)
Started Restorex on 11/17/22


Early 30s, diagnosed with Peyronies in 2017 after trauma during sex. ca 15 degrees upward curvature. Restorex, VED, 5mg Cialis, Pentox, L-arginine, Coq10, Propolis, Vitamin E. Underwent 12 rounds of Verapamil injections 2021-22