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Lately I've been doing a bit better with my Erectile Dysfunction that I've had the past 2 years. I started seeing this girl who I knew liked me since I was feeling more confident and things have been seeming to get better. I told her about my Erectile Dysfunction problem but told her it was mainly in my head cause of bad experiences in the past and she agreed to take things slow. We started having sex a few days ago and I seemed to have been doing fine. I've been very paranoid about penile injuries lately so I took 5mg cialis before each time and made sure to be very careful (no girl on top). Because of my anxiety about penile injuries I'm constantly thinking about my penis and ways it can get injured.. today at work I kept getting random boners probably since I'm not masturbating that much to keep my arousal high. However while this should be a good sign I kept thinking that my dick was bending against my jeans and whenever I'd have to walk anywhere at my work place I kept thinking it was gonna snap or bend even more. I shouldn't have let this get to my head. When I went to have sex earlier I had trouble getting it up and then I only lasted 1 minute and prematurely ejaculated. She assured me it was ok but I could tell she was slightly frustrated so I told her give me an hour or two and I'll be good and assured her it was just in my head. This was disappointing because the Cialis has been working everytime but I do know arousal is needed and anxiety could mess with it so I assured myself that's all it was. Anyways the second time around I was able to get it up easier, but throughout the whole time having sex I was constantly worrying about losing it. I didn't lose it but I feel like I had a weaker erection throughout and felt terrible about myself. I just got home and just can't stop thinking about what's wrong with me I want to believe it's just all in my head but I keep getting thoughts that it's a venous leak or something. But at the same time it wouldn't make sense that I'm good sometimes and sometimes I'm not. I also notice that every time things aren't good I'm super anxious and my heart is pounding and I'm far from relaxed. I want to get around this. I'm thinking maybe some more abstinence and some counseling could help. But the issue now is that she's gonna expect sex next time we meet but i want to give my dick a break since I haven't even completed a week of abstinence probably ever. Any thoughts are welcome because I'm just lost at what to do and where to go from here and am now facing another wave of depression. It's been ups and downs this whole year and I want to stay up but I just can't seem to consistently get good erections. It's like I'm good for the most part then I'm bad for a few days then it comes back and then eventually a bad period comes in and it just keeps repeating. I think I need some serious pscyolocical help.
Early 20s - mild Erectile Dysfunction. Hard flaccid. No deformity. Use 5mg dial is from time to time.


Hello and thank you for your testimony. It is really brave of you to share your story with us.


Sexual performance anxiety is extremely common. Anxiety is a normal biological reaction but it will block erectile function: the last thing you need when you're facing danger or a stressful situation (e.g. escaping a lion) is an erection (fight or flight response). This is perfectly normal and it's not Erectile Dysfunction, all you need to do is find ways to control your anxiety levels.

I battled this curse for over a decade, so I have a couple of tips for you:

a) Information
The more you know about sex, the less stressful it will be. Read books, talk to doctors, visit good websites.

b) Doctors
You don't need to be sick to go see a doctor. Even if this is just psychological, a urologist will be able to help you.

c) Don't worry!
It's perfectly normal to fail every now and then. When that happens, I avoid all sexual contact for a couple of weeks, just to clear my mind and regain my confidence.

d) Seredyn
It's not an Erectile Dysfunction treament, it's just a natural supplement for anxiety but I love it and some of its ingredients may actually improve erections. There are no side effects, I take two pills 1 hour before sex.

e) Oral therapy
You're right, Viagra and Cialis only work locally and do not improve anxiety. There are centrally acting drugs for Erectile Dysfunction (e.g. apomorphine troches, which can be ordered from The Erectile Dysfunction Clinic in the US) but they require a prescription. Always consult your doctor first.
Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction (coital anxiety), 40+yo. Current regimen: udenafil 200mg, oral phentolamine mesylate 40 mg, Seredyn.