Anyone know how to get a RestoreX to Bali Indonesia?!

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Seems like they're impossible to get here... Like most other things from abroad... Importfees can be hundreds!
29 y/o diagnosed 13 Jun 22.

went from a slight 30dg bend at glans to whole thing being deformed/loss of length over a year.

trying to find a way out of this all


I am trying to purchase Restorex in the USA. I've got an american bank account along with a debit card, so the money is already there. I have also gotten an address in the USA for delivery. The problem is that the site does not allow foreign people to purchase the device and so the system blocks the purchase process when I insert my card number because the billing address is not in the USA. O have talked to them showing all this but the answer was:

"It just the way the software is formatted, billing address needs to be within the United States or Canada. We have strict parameters to prevent people from other countries buying the device.
PathRight Medical Support Team"

Did anyone have the same problem? How did you get around?
p.s. If I buy it in my country I am sure this will be more than 1000 dolars (taxes and commercial fee) and because that I'd rather get it in the USA.