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I have a curve to the left and it hooks upwards. A couple weeks ago, Doc said that since I don't have pain nor difficulty with intercourse to do nothing at this time. But many in this forum speak well of traction. So I bought the Pro Extender System. Similar to the Jes, it has a base ring, tension extenders and attaches near the glans with a silicone tube.

I'm a grower, not a shower so I have to pull and stretch before attaching. I wore it a couple hours for a couple days but today I broke the plastic support that holds the silicon tube.

Here's the deal, I start to get erect while trying to stretch it and wrestle quite a bit trying to get everything in place. It is a struggle getting it attached correctly. When I watch videos on YouTube of other guys demonstrating how to properly attach it, they already have a nice flaccid penis of at least 4 inches or so. They don't have to pull and stretch like I do. They attach it with ease.

I'm very curious: Are there other guys out there having difficulty attaching traction devices? Especially if your flaccid length is only about two inches?
Diagnosed in my 30s with mild curve. Now age 55 and curve to left is more pronounced. Erectile Dysfunction and prostate issues. No pain and once daily Cialis is helping.


Try heating up the penis prior to attaching, may help have a longer, easily stretchable flaccid.

I could be wrong, but I think with some devices such as PMP, having a semi is encouraged.
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