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I have been on this forum a long time but never spoken,
I have an upward congenital curve of 45-50 degrees I believe.

I want to correct this issue and was wondering what peoples experiences have been like.

I believe Kuehhas is the best surgeon for congenital, an I wrong ?


Hello, everyone

I would also like to know if any of you can recommend Mr. Kuehhas. Has he possibly already had an operation or knows what his work is like?

Thank you


Did you try a search of the forum? I think there are members who did go to him but they are no longer on forum. Guys come here for help and/or advice and then seem to move on.
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Hello Willi,

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I've searched the forum but would like an opinion on a recent case. I'm from Austria and I'm wondering where the best option is to have an operation here. Or should I start a thread here and ask? I would also be willing to post before and after pictures as well as describe the whole process or capture it with pictures.