On and off Erectile Dysfunction and hard flaccid

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Recently I've been experiencing on and off Erectile Dysfunction due to hard flaccid and anxiety. Some days I feel almost normal and some days I feel like I need to get an implant for my problem. I've had hard flaccid for a few months I believe from excessive kegeling while masturbating and exacerbated by stress and anxiety. I've been attempting nofap for about a month and keep breaking my streak after 2-3 days. Yesterday I broke my 2-3 day streak and masturbated twice. However the erections felt amazing and I finally felt like I was normal. But lately I've been very paranoid and anxious that my hard flaccid is some kind of injury and I feel immense anxiety and guilt after masturbating and thinking that I'm hurting myself. I use a lot of lube and am gentle and don't have any pain in flaccid state or with erections. After masturbating twice I stupidly decided to do it one more time and then go for atleast a week of nofap. When I went to do it I could barely get hard and started panicking. This made it even worse and i just have up since it clearly wasn't happening. I did an erection test hours later just to make sure everything was fine and I was able to get it up but it felt like it went down far quicker than normal. Same thing today. I didn't have any pain or anything and I'm just wondering wtf I could've done to cause this to happen. So what gives? Is it psychological? Or is my hard flaccid flaring up each time I masturbate since I still kegel involuntarily sometimes? I want to get past this. When I'm able to get a good erection and am in a good mental space I feel fine and feel like I'm ready to start dating again but everytime I go through an episode like this I get stuck in an anxious loop thinking there's something seriously wrong. It's destroying me mentally I just want to go back to how I was before when I had close to normal erectile function. Also I'd like to add because of my anxiety and ocd I keep erection checking and I feel like this is just making it worse. Any advice on hard flaccid and dealing with psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction would be much appreciated.
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hard/flaccid doesn't cause Erectile Dysfunction. Not sure where you came to that conclusion. Anxiety has everything to do with Erectile Dysfunction. Assuming you don't have any physical issues that prevent you from achieving an erection.

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