Is possible that this combination causes priapism?

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Hello to everyone. Is it possible that a combination of cialis 10 mg x day, pentox 1200 mg x day, acetyl-carnitine 2000 mg x day, coenzyme q10 400 mg per day and arginine 1000 mg per day causes priapism?
22 years old
total Erectile Dysfunction
an unknown problem
cialis 5 mg per day

Bud luck

I doubt it, what it cause Piraprism is Trimix or Quadrimix.
My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My Erectile Dysfunction is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46