What Should I Expect at my Urology Visit?

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I go for a visit tomorrow. I was first diagnosed about 15 years ago with Peyronies. Mild curve to left. The doc just checked me flaccid though I grew erect. Do they inject you now to get an erection? Is an ultrasound done the same day? My curve is more pronounced this year-upward and to the left. I can feel and see a restriction on the top right side near the base of the shaft.
Diagnosed in my 30s with mild curve. Now age 55 and curve to left is more pronounced. Erectile Dysfunction and prostate issues. No pain and once daily Cialis is helping.


It really depends on of you are going to the right sub type of urologist.  If you are going to a reconstructive urologist or mens health, then yes, more than likely you will get an ultrasound while there.  Yes, they do a tiny little injection on the side of your shaft to get an erection.  It was far less than a pin prick on pain level and it gets mostly erect, but not totally.  If you go to a regular run of the mill uro, you are more than likely wasting your time.  I found them to be absolutely worthless for Peyronies Disease and Peyronies Disease related issues.
45 Yrs old, Peyronies Disease Onset 11/2019, Stabilized 6/2020.

Dent/Hourglassing distal and dorsal side, lost length and girth.

Underwent Plication with Dr. Brian Christine in Birmingham, AL on 6/17/2021. Fully recovered with no complications.