Changing focus on the way of healing?

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So i just started put up questions and i am curious how you guys feels and thinks about this topic.

So my main concern is, if you take a look on "modern" medicine and "healing" its only offer treatments for symptomps.
Its not for just peyron its for literally every condition or disease, dam, even the name "Peyron disease" Its not a disease, you dont have an infection or bacteria or virus that goes haywire in your body.
Its a condition, that comes from a malfunction in your body, its your own body that building things that not usefull, it do on because your brain gets an infinite signal to "repair" for nothing or going beyond the repair process itself until there is healthy tissue that have place for building.

The reason i dont really believe Xiaflex, surgery and other oral therapies like pentox or potaba, its not because they are not help(a bit), its because they suppress your immunsystem or certain processes or try to cut out something that actually not working bad its just blocked by collagen. It wont fix your problem and if you got another micro injury like any size, then eventually it will start again(flare ups).

So its like you are gambling whether it stops or not? This pretty much explains why different methods work for almost everyone and why most of the patients are unable to achive resolving of their condition.
If i look through "solutions" the modern medicine way is to become perfect in surgery and doing stalemate in your condition. Like, living on pentox for the rest for your life.

I know its captain obvious and so on but until we do not understand and resolve our underlying causes, we are unable to let our body heal, or even if there is something, some anykind of natural method to regenerate ourselves, it wont happen if the issues will stay. So it really does not matter if you take q10, or literally anything that could help if your body unable to use it or wont use it effectively because this abnormal healing probably prevent it.

You can stop the inflammation, you can stretch your tissue, you can get back length and girth but if the malfunctions stays, then it likely will happen again. As i can see it happened with many forum members, they achived some improvements then they falled back to this depressive pit because everything started again after they had a micro injury. I mean come on, a "micro injury"? really? Our body is capable of heal broken bones and tendons with minimal or without scaring, we are able to survive stroke and stuff and its not capable of treating a micro injury without rendering your dick useless? I am not well versed in biology and i am fully aware that our system is complex but despite of this its just a big BS.

Its pretty much make me mad when i read about docs and how they researching new ways to "correct" your dick like devices and implants and surgery methods, like wtf man if i want my dick cut it up i will ask for butcher to do it(half joke intended) like in my oppinion surgery will never be meant as a "healing" for anykind of thing, its like throwing out something that have a little malfunction. You dont have to be a doctor to do this.
Its really sad that how our healthcare system works and i am fully understand why people try to find shelter in chinese ways of healing. What i feel that our western healthcare system as they operate its the opposite that people need for a healthy life, like everything you take or do it fix one your symtopms, suppress a reaction and cause another issue in your body on the longterm, thats insane.

So i think we really need more thread about brainstorming and use citizen science and experience about how our body or in general the body works on a deep and complex level, we are fully capable to understand this and especially we have the motivation because docs wont help us, pharma wont save us, its just we whos are suffering are able to make a change in this tide.

So waiting for a miracle cure from docs whos more concerned about how to cut it up your tissues rather than solve the underlying problems its not the good way to get out from this place.
I did read a good couple of threads from around 2010 about how ten years later there will be a cure for our problem. Well i think if we wont do it for ourselves then it wont be a cure from next 10 or 20 years latter and i wont planning to waste my years in depression and fear while my fellow peers live their life on a full scale.
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Tbh, I think conspiracy theories will help no one.
You say you have a limited biological understanding (and so do I) and it shows.
It boils down to: "I don't know about the topic but every expert in the field is wrong" and that's just not a good line of reasoning.
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