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How to fix congenital curve without surgery?

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I'm 27 now and I always had this curve leftward ever since I remember having erections so that can't be peyronie, plus no pain. I usually can have sex without any issues but I know it might be hard sometimes for my sexual partners. Anyone here had good results without surgery? What are the options with proven results?

I'd appreciate the help!


Please give us more information and fill your signature.
How much curvature do you have?
36 years old, married
Symptoms since trauma in July 21:
First calcified nodule in septum near glans
Multiple calcified plaques developed on top
Pain (flaccid/erect), 75° upwards curvature, hourglassing
Nothing helped, looking for surgery now


Further information is required. Accurately measuring your curvature and in which direction is most important. Here are directions on how to do this.,4760.0.html
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Besides trying traction, you are out of options.

How bad is the curvature?
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