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Early 20s dealing with mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction plus possible Peyronie’s disease

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Hi all thanks for taking time to read this. I'm currently in my early 20's and believe that my erectile dysfunction + possible Peyronie is a result from excessive masturbation over the years. When going through puberty and as a teen I remember having very strong erections that we're spontaneous and would occur with little to no mental stimulation. I soon learned about masturbation and began doing it although not excessively (1-2 times a day, some days not at all). I've always had anxiety and on during my first sexual encounters (17 years old) I had trouble maintaining my erection in the standing position. I was also desensitized from escalating into more hardcore porn (bdsm, fetishes, etc.) and just chalked it up to it being that. However after this experience I began to masturbate excessively (sometimes 3-4 times a day) and also with a terrible habit of doing it with my underwear on due to laziness. To add to all this I had a terrible addiction to marijuana and nicotine which I'm confident contributed to my Erectile Dysfunction and possible Peyronie disease.I noticed with my second sexual partner (now 19) the same issue came about - trouble maintaining the erection while standing or upright. I again chalked it up to being desensitized and just moved on like nothing was too wrong. I deeply regret ignoring these early signs of Erectile Dysfunction and continuing my terrible masturbation habits. I noticed it was around this time that my spontaneous erections started to decrease. The last completely spontaneous 100% erection I had was a little over 2 years after this time when I was 21. Since then I notified I don't get spontaneous erection anymore and my morning wood is only 60-80%. No significant trauma or pain had occurred ever and here I am now 23 and experiencing mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction. I also picked up a terrible drinking habit a few months after turning 21 which I finally stopped a few months after my 22nd birthday. I had one week a few months ago where I couldn't even get more than a 60% erection after a day of excessive drinking. This made me very depressed until finally it came back. However I noticed a slight ridge on the upper right side of my shafted. It was not painful to touch nor caused any curvature. However I noticed that when erect it feels like there's a tiny dent where the ridge is (maybe the size of a tic tac). I also developed hard flaccid (only when standing) although I'm not entirely sure when this began because i didn't no hard flaccid existed until I researched it and noticed my symptoms related to it. This caused even more anxiety and depression and I then discovered this forum and concluded it could be scar tissue. Since the incident of the week of little to no erections I felt like things were getting better. I was masturbating standing and training myself to get used to upright positions. I also started taking L-citrulline and tried abstaining (only masturbating 1-2 times a day and sometimes with a day or two in between with no masturbation). I also eliminated the habit of masturbating with underwear on for good. Things were looking good until about 2 weeks ago where I relapsed badly from depressive thoughts and anxiety. I masturbated 4 times in the span of two hours and my penis felt sore that night and the following day. I could get more than a 60% erection for two days and fell into a deep depression. I then calmed down and attempted to masturbate again after taking a few days break although this time I was very gentle and used a lot of lube. To my suprise I had one of the best erections since my Erectile Dysfunction began. I felt like it was a 110% erection and didn't need constant stimulation to maintain it. Things were looking good and since that day I would masturbate once a day with similar results until a few days ago.. basically after reading a lot about injuries and Peyronies I started to become extremely paranoid of injury and would think every little thing could cause injury even when flaccid. I came home from work the other day a paranoid and anxious that my pants were too tight and potentially causing an injury since I sometimes get semis when seeing attractive women at work or just merely thinking about something arousing. I went  to masturbate to check that everything was working alright and I noticed it was harder to maintain then the previous days. I freaked out and stupidly tried masturbating again only an hour and a half later in a panicked state. In this instance it took longer to get an erection and it was the same thing - difficult to maintain. I ended up ejaculating way earlier than I wanted to and fell into despair and depression again. Since this last instance I've decided to abstain from masturbation and erection checking and just let things heal (something I wish I did a long time ago) however I feel very depressed and feel like I messed myself up terribly from mastubating. I'd also like to add that I've had a terrible habit of kegaling while masturbating or whenever I had sex that I learned to stop by watching NeoV. I felt like things were getting better a few days ago then that one day just ruined everything. I'm paranoid and extremely hesitant to approach girls due to this and I am constantly researching hard flaccid, peyronie disease, and venous leak etc. I don't have pain when getting erections but my flaccid state has felt sore before and have felt occasional stings in various areas on my shaft as well as in my perineum. I also noted that around the time of my alcohol problem I developed frequent urination and believe I might have a prostate problem although it might be a symptom of pelvic floor dysfunction since a lot of people say it is. My mental state has deteriorated terribly although I have atleast completely stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol and have attempted to improve my diet. I'm on day 2 of nofap and I've been having morning wood every day ranging from 60-80%. I'm still very paranoid and anxious and feel like I can't get an erection during the day if I tried ( I haven't). So my question would be what exactly does it look like I have? My symptoms are - mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, position dependent erectile dysfunction, hard flaccid (only while standing) ridges on shaft, and maybe a slight loss of length (I have one picture where my erection looks longer than any of the recent ones I've taken but all others it looks the same). I'm getting a Doppler exam in a few days but won't be doing the injection since I fear more scar tissue (if I have any at all) and also because I'm more concerned about scar tissue rather than blood flow issues. I've also read a highly anxious state can trigger a false venous leak diagnosis so I'd rather not get an injection just to get a potential false diagnosis. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it so much as my depression, anxiety, and paranoia have been at an all time high these past few months and now more than ever. I know that anxiety can cause Erectile Dysfunction but I can't help but feel that it's a physical issue that is sending me into a terrible loop of erection checking and then becoming anxious after then repeating. I haven't tried any pills yet but really want to try daily cialis to see how I react. I'm also waiting to see if I have plaques/scarring and would be willing to try pentox and other supplements + keto diet for that. Thank you to anyone who reads this and as I said before any advice is welcome.
Early 20s - mild Erectile Dysfunction. Hard flaccid. No deformity. Use 5mg dial is from time to time.


Welcome Myro25 to the forum and thank you for filling out your signature line. You have made a very detailed post and I see a theme here --- a lot of masturbation. Now don't get me wrong we all do it but when things are not feeling right in our penises it is time to stop it and get a diagnosis first. Finding a credible peyronies Dr is difficult but they can be found. Get a Doppler to get an idea what is going on and by all means let things cool down in the sex department.

Weed and alcohol can squelch erections and mess with your health. It is good that you are taking an active positive roll in that area. Erection checking only leads you down the pathway to anxiety and worrying - don't do it. Kegels  can cause your pelvic girdle to get over tensed as this happened to me. Try some of the relaxing pelvic stretches --> and see if that helps relax things. Anxiety is a rel killer for erections.

You should read the survival guide if you haven't already -->,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057 . This can give you a better understanding about peyronies and it's different treatments.

Finally if you need to see a counselor for depression or anxiety don't hesitate as they could help you and remember that sometimes medications are temporary to help us out of a rut. :)  Mikel7
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I read your post and I did not pick up on anything that would indicate Peyronies symptoms. As far as Erectile Dysfunction, clearly your depression and anxiety are a factor. And I think it is a positive step that you recognize that. You need to get with a counselor or therapist to get this under control.
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Thanks Mikel7 and LWillisjr for responding to my post. I definitely feel strongly now that anxiety and depression are driving factors in my Erectile Dysfunction. Also thank you LWillis for clarifying that much of my symptoms don't indicate Peyronies disease. I've been paranoid thinking I had Peyronie's due to hard flaccid, but I'm realizing I likely just have pelvic floor issues that I am now actively trying to resolve. A quick update on my scenario: erections are back to normal. In fact they feel great now. I calmed myself down and have been doing some meditation along with praying. I can now confidently say my Erectile Dysfunction is most likely psychogenic since I get morning wood nearly everyday and I can also maintain erections just fine now that I'm in a better state of mind. Thank you both for acknowledging my post I will definitely be taking active steps to get my anxiety under control and will be seeking a sexual therapist.
Early 20s - mild Erectile Dysfunction. Hard flaccid. No deformity. Use 5mg dial is from time to time.