Still have erectile dysfunction with implant…

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Hi Sonny!

Sorry to hear there hasn't been any improvement with 10mg tadalafil. Here are a few things you could discuss with yours doctor: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management might help. Other ED medications like sildenafil might work better or could be combined with tadalafil under medical supervision. Supplements like L-arginine, ginseng, and yohimbine sometimes help but can have side effects and interactions. Therapy or counseling might also be beneficial.

Other methods like vacuum devices, injections, or surgical implants could be options if other treatments fail. Be sure to discuss any changes with your doctor to find a safe and effective treatment. Good luck!
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Age 57
Symptoms began mid-2017, diagnosed late 2018
Severe ED


I already have an implant. But it doesn't cure anything for me, I'm still in the exact same boat and nobody can help me.
33yo, single
severe ed caused by injury to cs, soft glans, lack of sensation
penile implant: ams lgx 700


Nitric Oxide helps with oxygen and blood flow as well, its a natural supplement. I will take it before going out and playing pickleball.  Hope you find an answer
Age-63, diabetic and use insulin for 20 yrs and now on a insulin pump
ED started age 35 and pills
About age 52 used trimix
Tiitan coloplast implant Feb2019,  failed March of 2024
Revison scheduled end of June 2024, AMS 700 LGX