Please Help. Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronies for years would like some guidance

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Hi All. I really an in a total quandary as to what to do. I'll make my story as concise as possible. I am a 67 year old healthy male. I have had intermittent episodes of Erectile Dysfunction since my late 40s. I was married and in the later part of my marriage my Erectile Dysfunction got significantly worse. It was a factor in my divorce, but not the only one. I have been divorced about 12 years.

My Erectile Dysfunction got worse after my divorce, to the point where I almost never could get erections. I have dated one women, intermittently, after my divorce and used Trimix which definitely helped. On one occasion, when having sex with this lady, she was thrusting while on top of me and "missed". I thought I only had a bad bruise but over time I developed a curvature which made sex very difficult.

I saw a well known urologist who recommended an implant. I was scared about the surgery itself; the pain and duration of recovery. The fact I was single made the decision more complicated. I am by nature a shy and introverted person.  How would I explain this to someone who I was dating? What do I do if she is manually trying to stimulate me and nothing happens?' Sex is no longer become spontaneous. Do I excuse myself from the room while I go inflate my implant.

The result of this line of thinking is that over the past several years I have ceased all attempts at dating.  I have lost all interest in sex and get few, if any spontaneous erections. This has been so for several years. Now I am revisiting the idea of getting an implant but concerned that doing so will not alter my low self esteem and insecurities about dating with an implant, and wind up no better than I am now.

Please provide any insights you may feel appropriate about my issues and especially about how having an implant effects single, unattached men.

Thank you.


Hello Bruce
One doesn't always get fast answers here. But if you do a search on the forum you may find What you need. Apart from that.
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The main reason you don't get a better member response is that you haven't filled out your signature line -->,10819.0.html .  This gives other members the courtesy of knowing about your condition and what you have tried so we don't have to keep asking the same questions over and over again.  :)

Now to answer your question it sounds like you have had a fracture to your penis and it healed bent. You should seek out another opinion from another DR if possible a peyronies expert.  Getting an implant is a serious decision and I would only recommend one from a high volume surgeon especially Dr Eid. If you do search the forum there is a section all about implants and the members daily journals. It is encouraging
and helpful for anyone cosidering this course of action. There is also a lot of info about how to incorporate an implant into your lovemaking. Some partners never even know you have one. You also have the advantage of continued thrusting after your orgasm without ever loosing your erection! Bionic penis for sure!

Peyronies does affect all of us in the self esteem area too.  We are connected to our penises and anything damaging that as an affect on our mental state. You alone need to come to terms with this and be proactive about it because no one else will do it for you. I assume you have read our survival guide? This will give you an education all about peyronies.  Also remember that Dr Eid is a part of our community here and answers members questions - he is a very gifted surgeon and a great human being. His specialty is in the are of implants.   :)  Mikel7
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Some of the men who have successful implants no longer post on the forum. Many here come for help and then move on. I know that member HAWK has an implant and is more than happy to provide you feedback. You might send him a private message (PM) directly to get a quicker response
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