3rd lump!!

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Literally only week after finding a 2nd lump which has caused further hourglassing, I now find a third.

I am distraught. I've been so careful - applying heat for an hour every other day and giving 10s manual traction stretches whenever I pee is the only "new" thing I'm doing. The stretches are only from the foreskin and are absolutely not harsh or hard in any way and the heat is more than bareable from a wheat bag appled directly to the penis.

I'm still waiting on a Uro appointment, the GP told me he wouldn't give me Pentox because it's for the Uro to decide.

I've unexepectedly come into a couple hundred quid, so I'm going to buy a SomaCorrect and start ASAP.

I'm desperate. This is hell.

Reading that it's rare for people to get multiple plaques and that it's rare for this to intefere completely with a persons sex life and yet here I am now with three lumps and erections so paniful they simply don't stay.

Any manual traction advice for dorsal lumps directly under the glans?
35. No injury. Lump Feb 22.
Pain, dent, left & upward bend ~50deg. Bad EQ.
Cialis Dac 22 - ear issues.
Diagnosed Feb 23.
VED Oct 22. PMP Feb 23.
Lump reduced May 23, dent remains, angle a little better. EQ improved.

Supportive partner, depression.


Personally I would advice against using traction if you have lump under the gland. Too much traction made my case 5x times worse as I over-tractioned eventually, but had given myself gradual hourglass under the gland with mild traction. So I would rather use VED like you are doing. I started VED for a few weeks than ran out of gel and stopped. Had some girth growth but nothing major and then it receded after I stopped. Have no chronic pain like you though. Good luck.
28 years old.
Originally 10-20° bend on the right side of penis next to the gland, started forming around June 2021.
Made it worse with severe traction and gave myself hourglass under gland. Now around 20-30° dorsal bend under gland.