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Author Topic: Question on the use of Kenalog in the acute phase  (Read 120 times)

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Question on the use of Kenalog in the acute phase
« on: September 29, 2022, 03:22:57 PM »

I had very good success with using Kenalog to control my Dupuytrens Contracture, using Ketchums protocol of a shot into the nodule once every six weeks for three times. Repeat after 6 months if needed. My belief and his in the research was that early intervention in the nodule stage could prevent disease progression to chords. In my case, the steroids immediately softened and then shrank greatly the nodules.

1) Given the similarity to Peyronies of DC, what do you think about the possibilities for similar early intervention with steroids? I have a family history and bias to intervene early.

2) If you are not inclined to recommend that, what if any injections would you recommend during the acute phase?

3) Lastly, I had a similar question about radiotherapy. I used this on my left hand instead of steroids, also for Dc, and had a similar but more significant result. I haven’t seen much on this for Peyronies  and was curious.  It’s interesting how there doesn’t seem to be high information sharing across the treatment of these diseases.

As context, I am about 4 weeks in from the start of pain as I write this, having been diagnosed yesterday with a plaque on my upper right penis. No marked curvature just yet. I have started daily Cialis and just received my restorex!
46 years old. Developed pain in penis Sept 2022. Slight curve (I think!). Diagnosed 2 weeks later with a palpable small plaque. Flaccid ultrasound was clear. On 5mg Cialis daily. Arginine. Debating Pentox, traction and coq10. Family history.
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