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Author Topic: Acute phase PMP diary (context, process, tips)  (Read 173 times)

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Acute phase PMP diary (context, process, tips)
« on: September 22, 2022, 08:20:25 AM »

Hey, my first time posting to a forum and it's about penises. One of the worst parts about my recent Peyronie's diagnosis is the uncertainty, so I'm going to make a diary of my PMP usage for whoever comes next.

I'm a 30-year-old from the UK. I had painful erections for about 5 months but ignored them. Erection quality had been getting worse, but this may link to my porn usage. I was once a habitual porn user with many hours-long sessions. Though this became far less frequent in recent years, it still happened occassionally and it affected my interest in sex. I suspect those long edging sessions caused my Peyronie's as I have no other likely causes.

Noticed a bend in my penis midway through August and didn't ignore that. Called the NHS and was diagnosed over the phone with little in the way of additional support. Immediately booked a private consult which amounted to £150 for a doc to touch my penis, identify plaques, and not much else. I asked about alternative therapies and he said they don't work. 'Come back in 9 months once things have calmed down.'

From the studies I had found online and the wisdom in this forum, I wasn't happy taking his word for it. Traction looks promising and I'd rather do something than not. Luckily, I work from home, so I feel confident I can do the amount set out in the instructions.

I'm doing the following in accordance with the PMP manual:
- using for two hours per session
- resting for at least 30 minutes in between sessions
- doing 3 sessions per day for a total of 6 hours under tension
- keep tension to around 200-600g

I intend to use the device for 6 months as I've seen this figure cited in a few of the studies related to traction and Peyronie's. I'm also planning to abstain for at least 3 months. This is partially because it seems like a great opportunity to kick my porn habit for life and because the combo of using the device and washing off the lube multiple times a day is drying my penis out a lot and I don't want to risk any additional injury.

Also, I'm wearing the PMP down as much as possible as a lot of the folk on penis enlargement sites I broswed say that down is better (something about targeting the ligament, I think).

I'm measuring my stats with morning wood as it seems like the most reliable form of erection. Not measuring girth because I cba.

- 6ish inches
- no curvature

Starting point with Peyronie's:
- 5.8 inches approx
- 20-degree bend to the left from just below the glans

Using PMP
It's been a bit of a ride. Been using it for about 20 days so far. The first week was fine after I worked out how to use the thing, but then the problems started. My glans kept slipping out and I couldn't work out why. I tried a combo of solutions from people online and it seems to have worked out pretty well. I'll outline them all here in case anyone needs to troubleshoot their own PMP down the line.

Using the medium sluice and diaphragm (beige ones).

1. Pull the foreskin back.
2. Apply a pea-sized amount of lube to the whole glans, including the ridge.
3. Apply the same amount to the PMP chamber.
4. Squeeze every ounce of air out of the blue pump (strong as you can).
5. Make sure the sluice chamber is lined up with the device and your glans perfectly.
6. Let go of the pump and let your head slide in. I've found that if the head doesn't go in in one pump, it's much more likely to slip out later, so I'll reset it and try again if it doesn't.
7. With the chamber attached to your glans, wait at least a minute before doing anything else.
8. Attach the rods and point straight down.
9. I apply a little bit of cheap Tesco lube to the skin that connects with the sluice ring as it gets sore if I don't.
10. Tighten progressively until I feel a good stretch, but only after I feel the PMP is 'in place'. Usually after 10 mins.

When PMP wasn't working, there were some things I did that may or may not have helped (it's been working consistently for a week now).
- wrapped a bit of sellotape around the nozzle to prevent air leak
- stuffed the chamber with a small amount of kitchen towel to lower the amount of vacuum required overall

Random tips
Some random things I've learned along the way:
- If you're in the UK, expect a £60 quid import tax on top of what you pay on the PMP site.
- I find eating with the PMP on hard because it gets in the way. Making a place up where I could stand and eat made life easier.
- Mileage will vary for this one but I found it liberating to tell people. Stewing in the problem alone left me feeling ashamed. I started with my brother, then my dad, and then my friends. A gentle ribbing was the worst I got. Overall, I got a lot of support and a few laughs out of it. Every man knows how important your dick is.
- Telling people also makes it much easier to visit them and use the device. Consistency seems key to making progress, and while it is a bit embarrassing, there's no point going through the trouble if you're going to let a few days off slow you down.
- Buying drop crotch pants off Asos has been a lifesaver. The extra room makes moving around so much easier. PMP is big.
- If your balls hurt from chafe, poke your penis through the buttonhole in your boxers and apply PMP over it. Cuts down on skin contact.

Rounding off
I'm only 17 days in out of 180 so I have no results to share just yet. Even if this method doesn't yield any results for me, I hope this information will be useful for others. Reading through the info on this forum has certainly helped me.

Any questions, fire away. If not, I'll leave my findings 163 days from now.
Age 30, have gf
Diagnosed with Peyronie's Aug 2022
20 degree bend to left under glans
Started traction with PMP Sep 2022


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Re: Acute phase PMP diary (context, process, tips)
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2022, 09:58:41 AM »

Great! Looking forward for results :)
Narrowing below the glans, a bit of shortening
Not sure if Peyronie's disease or fibrosis
Symptoms have currently stabilised


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Re: Acute phase PMP diary (context, process, tips)
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2022, 06:38:38 AM »

You have made an awesome post, now would you be so kind and please fill out your signature line -->,10819.0.html.
Lump April 2020, age 61 , Dr Levine 6-26-20,
Dorsal Curve 11-1-20 , Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, ALCAR, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
had SNHL 7-31-20 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working.


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Re: Acute phase PMP diary (context, process, tips)
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2022, 05:58:39 PM »

Yup yup, that's done now
Age 30, have gf
Diagnosed with Peyronie's Aug 2022
20 degree bend to left under glans
Started traction with PMP Sep 2022
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