Chronic discomfort that can be felt in one leg too, what do?

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I had a small jelqing injury and since then (back in 2018) one local spot on my penis near the base feels discomfort (no strong pain) and i feel the exact same discomfort at the same time in my right foot too. Any idea what it could be? Some days i have it, some not. Errection seem to trigger it, but not always. Nothing helps so far and i am not sure what to do.
26y, injured at 21 :/

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


Yeah I suffer from something similar it is very annoying. The only thing that actually helps me is anti inflammatory medicine as well as tramadol or Vicodin(Vicodin works best but of course the thing that works best is controlled most). The pain gets in the way of my days often the pain meds help me ignore that.

I'm a strong advocate for anything that makes your day not suck as bad. Idk why they are so strict with such low grade meds for patients with real chronic pain. It sucks street overdoses get lumped in with people that actually need meds because the medicine hasn't caught up with the problem the patient is dealing with. That is punishing the patient im

But anyways sorry to get off topic. I have this type of pain two years and so far 2 peyronies specialists don't think it's "peyronies pain" but I think otherwise. Peyronies is sucha loosely defined term that seem to mean general penis pain when there is no other explanation they can find. Feeling hopeless and lost a little today but I'm sure that'll turn around.

Slow times are the hardest I actually do better with piles of work So I can't be distracted with my personal condition

Mine is triggered more so with ejaculation. However erections can bother too depends o nrhe day and when the last time I finished was. It's a shame it takes days for these feelings to subside although they do not disappear. After I finish these days it's followed by a penile soreness that is below the blg gland near a suspected plaque. The second is near my curve near my other suspected plaque
28 y/o
sex injury - gradually got worse
Hard flaccid, Indentation bottom left close to my body,  mild twist left
28° up 28° Left
official diagnosed @26 peyronies w/pain
Pentox, cialis, NSAID, tramadol(as needed)
Sciatic  pain radiates penis to foo


Hey Curvekiller i will consider these 2 meds
I agree, if smth helps you, take it if the side effects are not to strong. This penis pain is the worst thing ever. I would do any med that would not totally knock me out or i am careful with antidepressants

I can give you another advice that seems to help me: Buy an electric  heating pad and sit on it. It is easy to use and you get constant heat. It helps pretty good with my pain. Today i had pain all day, no matter what if sitting, standing or walking. Then just 30 minutes ago i sit on my heating pad and the pain is much better or almost gone. Tried it a acouple times now. This is a great resort, if nothing else helps. Consider Pudendal Neuralgia. I am doing this too. As far as i can understand, weak core muscles make the butt work harder, they become tight. This creates pressure on the piriformis, that can press on the pudendal nerve
26y, injured at 21 :/

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


I've been having pain, near where I had failed incision and grafting surgery some 3 years ago.  It's not severe, just enough to be distracting, making concentrating on everyday tasks difficult.

Paracetamol or ibuprofen don't seem to do anything. 

Feeling pretty down lately.

It's been 6 years since all this started, and it's been emotionally draining.

49 yrs old, Married
Peyronie's started 2016
Upward curve of 100 degrees  
Incision/grafting surgery in 6/2019.  Resulted in loss of length of around 1.5 inches, residual curve of over 40 degrees, some Erectile Dysfunction
12/2019 had failed skin anchoring procedure