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 So over the last 4 weeks or so I have been developing what is clearly Peyronies disease and it seems to be getting worse. I can feel collagen buildup and am obviously curving to the right side. Also upward a little more than usual, and minimal pain.
There is so much information that I don't know what to do! I'm in eastern Canada and our medical system is collapsing. I called local urology offices and was more or less told that I'd need a referral from my family Dr. and would be looking at wait times to see a urologist that could be well over a year!😭

I'm thinking on traveling to Maine and paying out of pocket to see a urologist there. In the meantime, what can I do to help prevent further damage or worsening of this condition? This has me so stressed out right now!!!



Hello Lamisil,
Sorry to hear about Canada's medical system.  If you will read through the forum you will find that one of the simplest and safest supplements which has been believed to help with Peyronies Disease is Vitamin E.  Do not overdose - take no more than 400 units a day.  You might take a 200 unit capsule in the morning and one in the evening.  Do NOT buy 1000 unit capsules and keep in mind that taking more will not be better than taking the right amount.  In any case, if you take 400 units a day you will not harm your health and your Peyronies Disease may improve.
  Next:  don't self-diagnose.  For example, even a trained urologist can't necessarily "feel collagen buildup".  I know fully well that Peyronies Disease can cause anxiety and sadness, but try to resist the temptation to diagnose yourself and decide what you have.  Take photographs and measurements, and keep a record to see if it really does get worse. 
  Next:  fill out your profile on this forum using this as a guide:,2043.0.html     We need to see your profile to understand your condition better.

  Next:  use the word search to find posts that address your situation.  There is no shortcut, you just have to spend some time. But remember that there's a lot of stuff and some of it is pretty out there, so maybe stick to the posts from moderators and senior contributors. 
  Sometimes Peyronies Disease improves or goes away entirely on its own, so don't lose hope while you're waiting to see a good urologist.  I personally would avoid the temptation to try all kinds of unproven supplements and techniques:  you can read lots on these pages of people who have actually hurt themselves more by trying too hard.  Read the pages and learn from these folks' mistakes.  And keep asking specific questions to the forum:  that's what it's for.
Good luck and we'll hear from you soon I'm sure.

Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no Erectile Dysfunction