29 years old with unclear diagnosis searching for help

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Dear Gentlemen of this forum,

After having problems with my dick for 8 weeks now, I am reaching out to you guys, in order to get some Opinions and suggestions from you. From what I've read so far I can tell, that this community here is super supportive and respectful! That's for giving us a place to communicate and share our stories.

I want to give a little overview about my my person and condition:

29 years old guy from a city next to cologne with a very positive attitude, living a very happy life (Great Family, friends girlfriend, successful in job, very social, not bad looking, no serious health issues, sportive) - life could be so good without the issue that I am facing right now  ...

The symptoms that I am having are: out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain in my penis while doing a climbing session (?) - I went to the bathroom and my dick was as Tiny as it could be, without any blood in it and very painful. One day before I had regular sex with my girlfriend without any problems. I did notice already a few moth ago that my dick slightly twisted a little but around itself while being flaccid. I didn't think about anything while noticing it. 3 month ago I had a surgery for a hernia close to my dick on the left side ( had pain for three years in my left testical - many visits at different urologist till they found out what it was.) since the surgery I cannot Lift my left ball up - I don't now if this has anything to do with my actual problem but I Juist wanted to write this as a side info. They cut the cremaster muscle.

Anyways: since then I have a very visible bent to the right side while flaccid and semi erect that I didn't had before. I feel a constant pain at the right side of my penis - sometimes more sometimes less. When it is fully erect unreel like it already bends more to the right than before (always had a little curve around 5 degrees). Now it's about ten degrees.

My main problem is the rotation which is literally at 90 degrees flaccid and around 25-30 degrees erect. I feel pain while having sex on the right side of my penis and a burning sensation almost all the time. It feels like something is pulling up the right side of my penis which seems to be shorter now.

What have I done so far is: visited 3 different urologist.

1. one said there is nothing after doing a physical exam + ultrasound  and that I couldn't get this by being under 30 and that he never saw somebody having it under 40. he said I must have a little wound and that it need time to heal.

2. one said he doesn't think it's peyronies but he prescribed me tadalfil for 1 month in order to make the blood flow. Also checked by ultrasound and manual.

3. one a specialist from cologne (Dr Gralla) who was looking at pictures, doing an ultrasound and a physical exam said that he couldn't find the classical plaque but something else that he didn't now what it was - maybe some kind of injury that leads to peyronies. He prescribed me Kurkuma and pepper and said to see him in 6 weeks. If it gets worse, we would do a laser therapy. He also said that tadaladil isn't necessary because I have no problems with erection and normal morning woods.
The lasertherapy is very expensive (260/session/ 8times needed) but i don't mind spending it at all if it helps. He said to have great results with it especially in an early stage 

I took tadalafil for one week and almost couldn't work because of having a boner all the time.

So now it comes to the point where I need your help: :'(

- is there anybody with a torsion as his main problem?
- the treatment of this specialist is so different from what you are suggesting to do. Are you suggesting me some immediate steps to do?
- please have a look at the pictures and tell me your opinion of what you are thinking - peyronies or not

Thank you so much guys for being there for each other.

Mentally I am really anxious and paranoid about it. There is something happening and I feel like it can't do anything. Having pain, barely sex (in fear of making it worse) and always worring makes it hard to focus on the good things in Life - but I think that every single on here was at this Point already.

Respect to everyone who helped/ healed himself!




29 years old- symptoms since 2 month
Unclear diagnosis: moderate pain (mostlyflaccid, sometimes erect) 10 degrees right curve erect, bend very visible semi erect. 45 degrees axial rotation

In a relationship

Searching for help


Welcome Eaudecologne to the forum. Thank you for filling out your signature line and if you have not done so please download and study our survival guide -->https://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057 . It contains the most comprehensive info regarding peyronies and it's treatments.

Any kind of pain needs to be evaluated by a DR , which you did and you have different opinions from 3 different Dr's.  Dr number 1 is wrong because youngsters in their 20's do get peyronies. You very well may have a wound that is healing and only time will tell. Dr number 2 gave you tadalafil which can facilitate healing and treat inflammation. It can be difficult walking around with a daily erection. I would not do laser therapy because there is not much known regarding it and it is expensive. It can be very frustrating in finding a Dr that is actually educated and experienced in treating peyronies. Is there any way you could possibly get into one more DR? Also remember here we have Dr Trost and Dr Eid.  They are the two top DR's each with their own specialty in regards to peyronies. Dr Trost is the one who invented the Restorex device and he has his own forum here and answers questions from our members. Dr Eid is an extremely gifted surgeon who specializes in implants.  We are very fortunate to have both of them here!

You photos look like a normal congenitla curve and you should be able to have normal penetrative sex. The problem is that you have noticed definite changes in your flacid hang and are experiencing pain. I also have had 2 hernia surgeries, one left side and one on the right side. I had those years ago and don't believe that they caused my peyronies. My left side was strangulated and I could have died. I am numb though where the Dr cut into my abdomen.  Do you know did the Dr put in a mesh?

I would say that if you can stand it try taking your tadalafil every other night or possibly lower the dosage. You can also read up on heat therapy as this did help me a lot with pain when I was in the beginning stages of my peyronies. You should also read up on traction therapy and possibly VED therapy because they can prevent loosing size/shortening.

It is not easy to say if you actually have peyronies or not. It affects every man differently. Hopefully there are some men here who have had similar experiences with torsion injuries/deformities. Have you thought about having some pelvic/muscle weakness or imbalance ?  Keep studying the forum and keep a positive attitude. Remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to the treatments of peyronies.

    :)  Mikel7

Lump April 2020, age 62 , Dr Levine 6-26-20,
Dorsal Curve 11-1-20 , Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, ALCAR, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
had SNHL 7-31-20 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working. Stable


I'm experiencing almost the same symptoms as you.this is how it looks now when it's upturned on my penis
Have you had an MRI or an ultrasound? I'm going to have an MRI soon and I think it will at least help me understand the problem, as it shows what problems there are in the soft tissue. This situation affects my psychology very badly. I have the same things without suffering a serious injury
Is there any improvement or solution? Or have you received a diagnosis?


I have the torsion problem too. It began 2.5 years ago, a week or so after a sex accident. My "twist" is a bit more pronounced than yours. I am thinking of making an appointment with Dr. Eld, since his office is nearby. But I'm afraid of throwing away money, because I don't know what he can tell me. I've read the forums and whatever else I can find online, and I haven't found any answers. It's possible that a traction or stretching device can help. I bought one but haven't yet figured out how to wear it. I really don't feel like wearing this thing for hours every day, unless I knew it would work. If money isn't an issue, I would try to meet with another specialist, since regular urologists aren't very knowledgeable. If I see Dr. Eld, I will report back.

46 Yrs old
An accident (woman on top)
I've acquired a "twist." Urologist and ultrasound found no plaque (whew).
Currently searching for a solution.


Hey guys!

So let me tell you what happened in the meantime:

It's about 6 month that I recognized the twist but it might be there longer- I just didn't focus that much on it before. From never taking a single pic of my dick I have a full 6 month collection of it on my phone now  :D . I documented the ,,progress" every week. I think there is no big change in it - nobody expect me would recognize it for sure but I think our mind is playing tricks on us when it's about our dicks.

I had an appointment with a specialist who sees more than 200 cases every year. The weird thing that he told me was that he was only able to see plaque on a ultrasound in 10% of the cases. He couldn't find plaque when he examined me by hand and ultrasound. He gave me an appointment for an MRI which I have next month (last one got cancelled) he doubts it is peyronies.

Luckily the pain is almost gone. Sometimes it feels weird during sex and a bit painful but it could all be in my head. That's the worst part about it - I literally got mentally sick by this situation. So I feel you guys haha - the best thing is to forget about it for most time of the day by being focused on work or fun things. It's about acceptance, that we cannot change much or if we try, it might be a bad decision.

I can get proper erections, can have sex whenever I want but my dick looks different from what it was but if it stays like that it's alright. I don't see me with ved or traction devices unless it becomes very very bad. If it stays like that - that's fine for me and I try to make peace with it.

So 3 doctors, no diagnosis and one MRI waiting. You looked like though many forums in the web and never saw anybody having a diagnosis for a twist ... there need to be a cause for it or not ??

I wish you the best guys and keep me updated
29 years old- symptoms since 2 month
Unclear diagnosis: moderate pain (mostlyflaccid, sometimes erect) 10 degrees right curve erect, bend very visible semi erect. 45 degrees axial rotation

In a relationship

Searching for help


Hey glad that the pain is going away. That's good news. I also had an ultrasound with nothing found, and no diagnosis. I wonder if the injury is where the penis connects to the body, inside. That might be why nothing appears on the ultrasound. But those things are apparently not reliable to find plaque anyways. I think I'll do an online meeting with Dr. Eld. He is a top specialist and I'll be surprised if he doesn't have some knowledge of this twist condition. He's treated so many people. Unfortunately for me, my twist is more pronounced than I'd like, and it makes sex less pleasurable, not to mention having a weird looking penis. It feels like playing pool with a warped pool cue. I'm really upset about it and my hope is that Dr. Eld will suggest some non-surgical solution that he knows has worked for other people. I would just like to lessen the twist 10-15 degrees, and then I can live with it.
46 Yrs old
An accident (woman on top)
I've acquired a "twist." Urologist and ultrasound found no plaque (whew).
Currently searching for a solution.