Looking to buy RestoreX in the UK - ASAP!!

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Hi there,

If anyone has a RestoreX for sale in the UK I am looking to buy it ASAP.

I leave the country in 2 weeks and want this whilst I'm away.. Or I can buy the penimaster pro online but if someone has restorex please get in touch.
29 y/o diagnosed 13 Jun 22.

went from a slight 30dg bend at glans to whole thing being deformed/loss of length over a year.

trying to find a way out of this all


Hi, do you still need to buy one? I have one for sale.
Age: 41
Diagnosed: July 2020
Shape: 45° up (plaque on sides & top)
Treatments: ESWT
Supplements: L-Citrulline, acetyl l-carnitine, curcumin, vitamin K2,D3,E (natural, all 8 types of tocopherols & tocotrienols) ubiquinol, krill oil