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I'm new to this forum as of today. It would appear that Somacorrect is the VED of choice in this group. Is the following link the only way to order this?  Looking to correct Peyronies Disease, not Erectile Dysfunction. Thanks!
Peyronies Disease from sex injury since 2018. Plaque can be felt on the left side and have a left bend which isn't visible flaccid, more pronounced the harder it gets. Just started L -A & L -C Sept 2022


From what I've gathered, they're the same thing. I don't think VEDs are acknowledged as an approved treatment for Peyronies Disease by the medical community in the US so only the somaerect is sold here. I believe the only difference is that you get the Erectile Dysfunction-related extras with the somaerect. Can someone confirm? I just ordered one under those assumptions because the SomaCorrect appeared to only be sold in the UK/Europe.

Chris K

That is what they told me when I contacted Augusta Medical Systems. Same device but cannot be marketed in the US because it has not been FDA approved for that application.


Soma Correct was recommended by a Urologist Prof - the main thing for me was getting over the mechanical aspect of the machine - it's not very sexy - but once I did seems ok, takes a bit of hitting your stride..