what am i doing wrong when reaching out for treatment and a diagmosis

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i have severe impotencr for a year now after a new indentation has appeared on my penis last year. additionally for cosmetic reasona i have taken an anti androgen for 3 months. both things have worsened my erectile function to a point where i can not have sex, i cannot masturbate properly(itd not enjoyable anymore) and i have a consistent pain in my penis during erection on the left side. blood just seems to leak out.

i have tried the full stack. ved, pills, making long breaks in hopes to recover some functionality, traction etc.

nothing has changed. im in my mid 20, have not had a morning or noctural erection in a full year.

i have seen doctors, some say its nothing to worry about( how is it not??) and that its in my mind(not tests of course) amd others did a flacid ultrasound and say tissue looks fine.

none, not one has even considered to do an injection test with a doppler ultrasound or a cavernosometry. it is not psychological because i can get the erection bit it just fades away if i do not pinch the base. additionally i can gonweeks without having any form of erection not even at night which is extremely unusual.

some doctors want to blame it on my age, as if aging one year in my twenties has aged my penis 30 years amd just by coincidence this took place right after the deformity.

i do not know what to do. i am not getting the tests and the condition does not improve. i was always against an implant but if it stays like this then that is the way, i will not [email protected]< up my dick even more with injections and constriction rings.

it is like the people i have seen expect to just accept that sex is jot in the cars for me anymore. nobody seems to really care enough to just inject some fluid in my dick snd have certainty. its not that hard, fine ill even pay it myself at this point if insurqnce wont cover it.

why cant i get this peace? what am i doing wrong in my approach with doctors? why is it okay to send away a young man with total Erectile Dysfunction and no spontaneous or noctural erections for an entire year coupled with penile deformity without proper investigation? its been so long i dont even remember this being normal anymore.
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I'm sorry about your condition and I hope you can get some doctor or treatment to get you out of this situation which in my opinion seems to be linked to venous leakage as at your age this is not common as you are still young.

I also don't understand why the doctors you've gone to so far haven't done any more in-depth tests, like the drug-induced erection test with doppler ultrasound, because that would be obvious.

I think you should look for other doctors who can give more serious attention to your case and I hope you find him.

I wish you the best
54 years, self-induced peyronie
Upward curvature ~40º-50º, narrowing and retraction in flaccid and erect. Multiple plaques, loss of sensitivity, pain sometimes in a flaccid state and always on erection, axial instability and erectile dysfunction


We are almost in the same boat, except i still able to make an erection with cialis.

I had enough and i am refusing to pursue docs anymore. I wanted to a cavejet dopler but i just found out even if they able to pinpoint the scars probably they will say, oh yes this is, this should be cut out.

Well, no, fffff no.
I am still in the acute phase and i see as my dick getting worse as weeks pass by because the scars are forming and maturing, eventually i will reach the stage where i will be unable to maintain or even get an erection but i wont wait for it like a "good patient" just because docs do not see anything on their worthless ultrasound.

In the past week i spent my days reading and researching across this forum and on the web.

This is what i found.
Docs wont help you because multiple reasons, some because of money, some because of simply you are just a patient from a thousand.

It seems peyronies is nothing more but scaring inside your body. If you have a scare on your skin then there is countless methods to make it vanish and restore your skin, the only problem here is that its inside your body, far beyond your skin defensive layers, so even the best anti scarring stuff are just unable to reach it.

There was a guy here called melting, he cured himself by making anti scaring stuff that reaching these tissues, alongside a few others. He made up his formula based on a prescription of a doctor. Its not danger free but hold a very promising possiblity.

I advise you to search through of his posts and decide yourself whether you want to try or not. I had enough so i already planned how i will manage his solution. I will also post it with updates once i get started in the first half of september.
Self induced peyron 2022.04.?
Fibrous ring on the base, restricting bloodflow
unable to sit because of it.
Lost 0.5 inch in girth.
The ring keeps tightening.
Penis often goes cold and slugish.
Narrowing, Right side does not fill properly.


another appointment another nothing. significant penile shortening, deviation and total Erectile Dysfunction and im just left in the dark with it. you could say that peyronies and Erectile Dysfunction not being life threatening is a good thing but if it was youd get proper treatment and not this bs
Replace this text with critical info about your case
such as age
first symptoms (deformity, Erectile Dysfunction)
official diagnosis, date, doctor's name
treatments tried
relationship status