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Hi all, I have gone over a month without pumping.
Other health concerns.

I have done a 10 minute cycle tonight doing 3 pumps slowly and holding for no longer than 5 seconds a time and then taking 10-15 second breaks in between cycles.
I now have quite a dark and large black bruise on my penis?
I was doing it so slowly.
Would this has caused more damage?
I'm really struggling on what to do.
39 Yr old male. Plaque curvature at 25° last October. VED somaerect, progressively getting worse.


Hello Patience.

By what i've seen from members here, it could just be blood pooling. Are you combining VED with any medication that helps blood become thinner? like VED? that contributes to more bruising sometimes. Also... without a photo it is hard to judge, but try to stay calm.

If you see the situation progressing to something worse maybe you should try to get medical help? But as long as you did not do VED on your erect penis and you did not pump to an extreme level, you should be good!


As important as doing it slowly is to not pump too much pressure.

Are you taking any prescription blood thinners or Over-the-Counter:
High dose vitamin E (more than 200 mg)
Lots of garlic

These and a few other things thin your blood.  Look up natural blood thinners.

Vitmin K on the other hand, helps blood clot.  The best source is Kale.
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