Sudden Onset, 2 mos ago.

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52. I've always had curvature, perhaps 15° (a guess) but all off a sudden 2 months ago it was bent to the point of being unable to have sex. No pain and I have no idea what happened.
What did your medical doctor conclude?
Peyronie's (no surprise) calcified plaque at base causing it pull in & loss of length & second plaque along the length causing the curve.
How long have you had symptoms?
2 months
What are your symptoms?
80° curve, no pain, no problems getting erections, but unable to have sex
What treatments have you tried and what were the results?
Starting now, Supplements (Vit E, ALC, Arginine, Multi, CoQ10) I have Pentox & Cialis, afraid to take it, as I am not too fond of Rx Meds which usually, always, have side effects.

RestoreX: Been using a week, but took some time to be able to counter-bend just to the 2nd click.

SomaErect (3 tube): Arriving today, haven't used yet.

Where are you in dealing with the psychological aspects of Peyronies Disease?
Going to keep this answer private for now. Let's just say, not very well but prepared to deal with it.

Do you have insurance or means to get medical treatment? (& more info here)
No insurance. I've had excellent luck (living in LA) traveling to Mexico for Dental and other medical needs, but not sure I'd let one of them operate on my penis. After reading these forums, knowing who the top dogs are in the US, exorbitant cost, and how long the wait is, I figured a trip to a Uro in TJ without doing anything invasive was worth a shot to at least confirm/rule out Peyronies Disease. I wanted the sonogram and made sure the office did it before driving over there. Surprisingly, the Dr. was pretty thorough, knowledgeable, and mentioned nearly everything I've read on these boards, including supplements. The ONLY red flag was he frowned on Pentox and went so far as to say they don't use it in Mexico (or it's unavailable, can't remember which) but that's completely false as I was able to buy it without an RX in the pharmacy on the first floor of the building his office is in. He does shockwave, but said it likely not work in my case. He mentioned Verapamil, Interferon, P-Shot and admitted the P-Shot has caused more harm than good as reported here. Out of the injections, Verapamil was the only one he thought might be worth a try, but I wasn't willing to start those after reading some of the stories here and realizing technique matters (since Dr. Levine seems to have better results than most others). This Doc did seem confident in his abilities, but still... it's TJ and a penis, so I'd have to give that a lot of thought and use it as a last resort if necessary in a year or so. Again, the sonogram and an opinion is all I really wanted, and as a plus, I have some Pentox and Cialis if folks here think it is worth taking.

At first (before he did the physical exam and saw the sonogram) his opinion was like most others here -- Start with nutrition and traction, but afterward, he was more of the opinion I would eventually end up in surgery needing two grafts. He did mention plication on one side and leaving the rest, but the loss would be too great. It's on the small side to begin with, especially flaccid.

I have everything at my disposal (supplements, RestoreX, VED) to begin the first course of action. Any recommendations / guidelines are more than welcome. With a curve almost hitting 90° and such a sudden onset, and Dr.'s eval, I have a bleak outlook, but willing to give it a try & hope for a miracle, or at least a usable penis.

52 yrs old, sudden onset (5/2022) to 80° curve, always had ~15 but usable, now it is not although no Erectile Dysfunction issues. No pain.
Plaque at base and along shaft.
Trying Nutrition, RestoreX, VED to start, will consider other options if no improvement later.


Welcome to the forum IWantAStraightDick.  Thank you for filling out your signature line as you will get a better member response in doing so. It looks like you have read our survival guide -->,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057 . It gives a comprehensive  list of peyronies treatments .

It sounds like you may have a good peyronies Dr to start with. The Pentox may help you and may not. There is current debate as to it's ineffectiveness now regarding peyronies.  The other supplements should not hurt you and is worth a try. I definitely would recommend continuing with the  Restorex. Remembering though that this is a marathon and not a sprint. It requires time an dedication to see some improvements, but it is non invasive unlike surgery.  I have been continuing traction now for about 1 1/2 years. I started with the PMP and added in the Restorex from this past January.  Also doing the VED protocol spelled out here is also beneficial.  If you read the forum you will see successful accounts using such.

The mental toll this can take on you is how you approach this. Yes it does affect all of us in our psyche but you need to get a game plan and work it. Don't let your thoughts take you down the negativity and despair route as some have gone. You need to focus on each new day and stick with the idea that you are going to make it throught this. As far as surgery goes you need to also read accounts here as there are some success stories. With a plication you will loose length - some cases not as much as they thought though.

It is good though that you are not in any pain especially with a curve of 90*.  If you do go in for surgery I would make sure that you study up on their track record. I would recommend though sticking with what you have planned first before that. You have found the best forum for peyronies here! :)  Mikel7
Lump 4/2020, age 62 , Dr Levine 6-26-20, Dors Curve 11/2020, Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
SNHL 7/2020 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working. CPPS Diagnosis - Stable :)


Hello IWantAStraightDick,

Welcome!  You're in the right place for reading about personal experiences, awesome people and advice.  Use the search tab for anything you're curious about.  It's so accurate.

Mental health is so important.  Try to stay positive as can be.

Good luck to all.
I have a girlfriend
Age 47, No injury
Diagnosis January 2022  
Six plaques
Hourglassing when flaccid and semi-erect
Only have my congenital curve
Massaging with vitamin E cream twice a day 
5mg Tadalafil, Healthy diet
Discomfort/aching sometimes