Sudden Erectile Dysfunction.

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Hello everyone,

I got an Erectile Dysfunction after roughly 10 days from my last injury.

5 days since i tried to get an erection but it was very uncomfortable at first, the blood flow seemed very very slow and later on especially after the blood started to pull back it became very painfull.
Today morning i waked up for a very soft not even half way erection so i am really worried.

I have a ring around my shaft where the skin is different and there is also a dent here, i am worried that my peyron progressed and now causing me a total erectile dysfunction.

My doctor said he didnt see anything on the ultrasound and also not feeling deformities, however when he pushed my area where the skin is seems a bit more chaffed it was less ellastic.

My best bet is that the scare tissues are already there but they not hardened yet so they wont see it for months, with this slow blood flow should i risk a color dopler ultrasound?

What should i do? If i force erections, even if its very painfull, is there any chance that i can form the not hardened tissue to give me an erection?

Is there anything i can do before it gets hardened?
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