Verapamil with calcified plaque, is there any point?

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So one urologist put me on the waiting list for verapamil. In the meantime another andrologist found calcification and said nothing would work but surgery (this was private and the one who put me on waiting list was nhs). The fact that the first andrologist who put me on the waiting list didn't check whether it was calcified before he put me on, makes me question whether it does still have some efficacy with calcified plaques.

Does anyone have another proffesional opinion? Or some data that shows something?
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Please have a look at this link, put up by Dr Trost.

Hoping it gives you some insight.  


Thank you I haven't seen that before and it is useful insight. However it talks about chronic peyronies but doesn't mention calcification. From what I have read in some forums, calcification is seen by some as untreatable with anything but surgery. There is little information about this though so I wanted to see if anyone knew any more about it.

Thanks for the response though  
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I have undergone Verapamil treatment recently but my plaque was not calcified. I do not remember the doc saying anything about the likelihood of Verapamil being used to treat calcified plaques, only that he had done surgery on them previously. My guess is that they would be extremely difficult to inject into, especially since Verapamil treatment relies on multiple injections each session.

I will go back for the final treatment assessment at the end of the month and can ask him then if that would be helpful.
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Is there any update on the below . I have calcified plaques and my doctor told me it's not effective for calcified plaques  
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