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Hello, I am in treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by corporal fibrosis and one doctor or another has already told me that if nothing works, the last thing is the prosthesis. So looking at this forum and seeing the doctors' reports on the glans, the doctors say that the glans does not swell, and here through their stories of some users I see that they say that the glans does swell. I would like to know opinions on this subject from users who have an implant. And another question: when is it considered that a person is psychologically prepared to receive an implant?

Thanks a lot
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Sorry you are having issues.
Have you tried any of the wave blood vessel growth stimulation?
Plain and simple about glans swelling.
If your glans swells pre surgery it will swell after surgery
If your glans does not swell now, it will not swell after surgery
Good luck in your progress
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