Should I leave my penis with a 45 degree bend or have an operation?

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Hi All,

I've not been on this forum for a while now.

I was first diagnosed with Peyronies in October 2020.

I eventually (!) got referred to a urology consultant, who I saw in April 2021.

Following that I was advised to use a VED, and I also bought a Penimaster Pro (with usual advice to use 6 hours a day!)

As maybe many people understand, life gets in the way of doing what we need to for our health (usually ends up at the bottom of the pile). I'm 57 years old, have a family (wife and an active 8 year old son with many interests), work is hectic, I have a father with dementia who needs a lot of support, and two houses to maintain and run (my Dad is still in his own place). Plus a lot of additional things that need dealing with after my mum died (Feb 2021).

Naturally, I couldn't manage 6 hours a day using a Penimaster Pro and VED device. At the start (April 21) I did my best using both the VED (adhoc days) and the PMP (2-3 hours on adhoc days), but the frequency became less due to life and many responsibilities.

My current situation is I have a 45 degree curve to the right, which also dips downward. I have scarring at the base of my penis (on the right side) and also scarring on my shaft, which causes hour-glass pinching on both sides of my shaft. My consultant feels the penis curvature has probably stabilised now (but who knows).

I've had a meeting with the consultant again today.

He's recommended surgery to help straighten the penis; but he said there are risks. I've not been told what procedure they recommend (maybe the consultants follow-up letter will advise this), but reading general information provided it may be Plication (?)

One issue is the hour glass pinching on the shaft of my penis. If I have surgery, due to the pinching apparently there's a risk the penis could become less stable after undertaking the procedure on the left side of my penis, which may accentuate the hour glass pinching and could make erectile dysfunction worse. There are some other general risks associated with these procedures.

So now I have to decide whether to live with a penis with a 45 degree bend (and downward dip), or risk a surgical procedure. If I have surgery and things are made worse, that won't be good for my mental health.

I've been asked to read a datasheet compiled by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) which explains the procedures and the risks involved:

One question I asked the consultant was if I give the PMP and VED another go over the next 12 months, could that help reduce the curve? He said probably not. Has anyone done this after nearly two years after first symptoms are visible (and after being advised to have an op), and achieved a good result to justify not having the op?

For those that have had surgery, were you happy with the results?

Has anyone decided to live with a pronounced curve (45 degree) to avoid the risks? Are you happy with this decision?

I suppose this also depends on whether sex with my wife is still acceptable and possible with a 45 degree bend (we've not had sex for a while; I've been a little embarrassed!).

Any feedback that might help me make a decision either way would be appreciated.

To be honest, both options are not great...

Thanks for your support.

Age 56. First noticed Peyronies Disease Oct 20.
Referred to specialist Feb21; first appointment April 21. Have mid-shaft hour glass pinching. Have pronounced bend to right plus downwards.
Currently using VED. No medication as not prescribed by urologist


It's an individual decision of course.   But surgery with a qualified surgeon is nothing to be scared of.  I had Plication with a synthetic graft (to fill in hourglassing) over two years ago in the States (Dr Brian Christine)... it's all fixed and quite satisfied.

Either way... you need to protect your mental health.   I don't see any issue living with it as is... as long as you are kind to yourself.   But I'd you go for surgery... it really wasn't as bad as you think.   Feel free to DM me


Considering plication for my Peyronie's of 18 months, incl 40° dorsal curve, hinge and indentation on left side. Two questions: how did your plication work out and are you happy with the grafting now? Grafting sounds a bit iffy to be as far as being a permanent solution, including maintaining sensation where it's applied. Conversely, irritation from permanent plication sutures could also be a major problem. Your experience would be appreciated.