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Author Topic: Sudden development of numbness over the past weeks? Any experience or advice?  (Read 263 times)

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Hi all,

I appreciate that this isn't pain related, but as this relates to nerves/sensation this seemed like the most appropriate place to post. Do let me know if I should move this elsewhere.

I've had Peyronies for the last four years, which seems to be gradually and continually progressing after some initial improvements in the first year. I'm currently using regular Cialis, as well as a number of supplements; although I am not using VED (after an overpump incident a couple of years ago) or any traction.

The only recent change I have made are exercises to relax my pelvic floor, which appear to be helping somewhat with hard-flacid. However, for some reason over the past few weeks I have noticed that my penis is much more numb and less sensitive. Has this happened to anyone else before? And, for anyone who has lost sensation, have they been able to recover it? My hope is that with a reduction in the plaque the sensitivity would return, but I fear nerve damage may be a little more permenant.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm losing my head a little bit here.
30 y/o, developed peyronies in 2018 when taking Finastaride, have a plaque around halfway down the lenth of my penis on the left which causes some narrowing and around a 30 degree curvature to the left.


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I had Peyronies Disease for more than 4yrs and it has getting worse and worse. Lately I realized how hard my tunica became and how much sensation I lost.

It is depressing. I can’t find anything that would help. Pain, inflammation and progression in curve/indentation comes and goes and comes again…… no doctor can help so far, no advice on this forum has really helped.

Sorry but I experience just the same crap.
31 yrs old; in a supportiv relationship
first symptoms and diagnosed in february 2018
severe progression since spring 2020
several plaque/indentations and currently 40° up curve


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I have three spot of injury that i can locate, one of them is around my pelvic floor on the way where the dorsal nerve goes. Every orgasm since the onset made the plaque or scar tissue bigger and reduced my sensitivy and even interfere my circulation. On the first two occasion my sensitivy returned after two weeks but it seems it will take more time since the last orgasm. I am sure that the plaque pushing the nerve, this is why i lost my sensitivity. I can still feel pain and tempreature.
Self induced peyron 2022.04.?
One big dent on the lower right and one small on the upper left, a very small upward bent on the upper midshaft(it felt less flexible during my last sex).
My gf left me.
On survival guide treatments.
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