Viridal Duo ( Alprostadil and sodium chloride) injections - safe?

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I went to see David Ralph today regarding an implant.
He looked through my extensive notes and suggested I try 10mcg of virtual duo injected first.

I had previously tried alprostadil cream at local urology and it did nothing except give me pain.

I didn't realise the injection had the same active ingredient but this time it did give some results, not enough to use it in anger. Bit of an ache but good to be feeling anything to be honest.

After a couple of hours of it's effect disappearing I am a bit sore, this have been sore for 2 hrs at the site of injection.

TBH this has given me hope that has been lacking for decades. I now have a script for 20mcg to try.

However I read on this forum that many of you attribute peyronie or worsening of, to these injection?

If it's really important to compress the injection site for 5 mins after injection, shouldn't  the doctors tell you that? The Alprostadil injection seems to be less prone to causing fibrous patches than trimix

Is this anecdotal or are there any papers on it?

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You can get adesol in tablet form. Placeing it in the urethra as a sipository.

If you message me. I will send you a link. I'v not tried it and am not sure how well it works but its relatively cheap and might be worth a try?

No injections needed.
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