How to treat "complex curve"?

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Just getting started with RestoreX, about a week in, and would like some input on treating a complex curve in my penis. It curves to the left, and it curves up. Both curves seem to be similar in degree. How would you treat this? Say alternate months for the leftward and upward? Alternate weeks? Or even alternate treatments within a day? Or would I be more likely to get better results by treating the lefty as much as possible, then treating the upward curve subsequently? Not strong on patience, but am focused on getting the best results that I can :-).

That's about the only question I have so far. I seem to be okay with the treatments, easier and less disruptive than using a CPAP for sleep apnea *sigh*. Some of us are just extraordinarily gifted, I guess.



Hey MrDoh.

As far as i remember from the manual, you are supposed to treat one curvature first and once that is done you proceed to address the next one. I am not 100% sure, so please double check. But you can do a split treatment. 30 min for each curvature. Some users get a second base so they can quickly switch from one to another instead of unscrewing the device.

If you don't have the manual for whatever reason you can find it online easily. Maybe a search in Dr. Trost's section yield some results?


I do have the manual, but I'm wondering if other folks have tried slightly different approaches and had good results. I'm sticking to the manual pretty strictly so far, just wondering if there might be alternatives that would get me where I want to go by treating both curves as I go along. Each one would be slower to progress, but making progress on both would be better for my mental health :-).

The idea of a second base would make things easier for sure. Hadn't thought about that, but now I see that's why I thought about alternating in the longer term of like a week or a month, rather than every day. Something to think about. I wonder if someone could comment that's done that, and talk about how things went?