Xiaflex injection process

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I have started injections.  What is experience with dr doing ultrasound vs just feeling for plaque?  My doctor says he can feel it and did injection.  No numbing pain not bad.  Very little swelling or bruising.  Faithfull with stretching and also using restorex.

Just wondering about the protocol and no ultrasound. 


Teddan, ultrsound is not necessary. It can be determined by hand examination when plaque quantity, size, & locaons decrease. Good you had no swelling in recent injections. I had many Xiaflex injections and caan report that swelling and bruising varied. Sometimes swelling and  bruising  were minimal. Other times these conditions were severe. Also, someimes Xiaflex performed noticeable plaque decrease in 5 to 14 days. Other times it did nothing. It seemed to work better and more consistently in later injections. However,  this experience is different for different patients and various  doctors.
Age: 64;  Peyronies Disease diagnoses: MAR 2019;  Onset: Immediate & severe;  Treatment: Xiaflex, APR 2019 to early 2021, slow & steady improvement w/ notable Xiaflex improvement through 2021. Incisional corporoplasty scheduled for late 2022.