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How many treatments at a time are too many?

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I'm very new to this forum, and relatively new to Peyronies Disease, as the symptoms first appeared about six months ago. I've been getting Verapamil injections (and taking L-Carnitine) since February, and after some early positive results, things took a turn for the worse about a month ago, when my upward curve shifted from 15 degrees to 45 degrees as I felt lumps spread across my "waist" and spread elsewhere.

In desperation for help and information, I found this site a couple of weeks ago and discovered some great ideas to help manage or perhaps improve the condition, but I wonder if I've found too many. Now my treatment consists of:

1) Two daily massages and gentle stretching; 2) One daily session of hyperthermia (moist heat) for 20 minutes; 3) Just started the 26 week VED protocol for a daily session of 10 cycles; 4) Verapamil injection every two weeks; 5) L-Carnitine twice a day.

After some amazing results from the first day of massage/hyperthermia (no change in angle, but rock solid erections that woke me at night) I've had some weird results. The girth below the bend has increased, but remains the same above the bend, which makes the overall erection less stable. Also, it seems there is less blood flow to my "head", though that could also be due to a new bump forming there in recent weeks.

Also, my penile tissue in general feels "tired" when flaccid since I started this multifaceted approach and I've found my erection isn't as solid as it was just a few days ago. So, after all this explaining, am I overdoing it with the multiple treatment approaches? Or are they all varied enough that they are approaching the problem from different angles?

I hope it's OK to post this as a new topic. I've seen different opinions on each of these individual approaches in different threads, but didn't find one that covered more than two of them combined.

Any advice is appreciated, and I'd like to thank all of you for helping a newbie like myself find a place full of information and support. This site really has made a huge difference in my view of possibly having a chance to slow the progression or even have regression of my curve.

Thank you!



Get a prescription for pentoxifylline (trental). It is one of the very few oral treatments that has been proven effective in reducing scar tissue size and reduce/prevent calcification.

Stop getting Verapamil injections. I have never heard of anyone seeing a benefit from them and the additional risk of injury from a botched injection just doesn't make it worthwhile.

The VED is probably a step in the right direction, although I have not used it myself.

Maintain sexual activity if you are able. Erections are good for the healing process and good for the penis in general.

Go to a male sexual health specialist if you are able. They are more up-to-date on current Peyronie's treatments.

Best of luck,



I second the observations of Skjaldborg.  It is important not only to limit the number of concurrent treatments but also to use *only* the most effective treatments and not waste precious time and money on those with marginal effectiveness.  I suggest you read Dr Lue's Article on Peyronie's carefully, ESPECIALLY his evaluations of the effectiveness of various treatments.  You really want to use the one's that work the best and, given a choice, you want to choose less invasive treatments over other options.  This is why Pentox beats VI.  Even though their effectiveness is similar, Pentox does not carry the downside risks that VI does of promoting additional scarring.  Dr Lue is a leading authority on Peyronie's and lays everything out in an easy to understand way.  - George


Yes, I think quality over quantity applies. There are a few core treatments that should set you on the right track. For a while I went through a process of adding more and more oral treatments, but really it's important to find a balance.
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Thank you for your input and responses. If it hadn't been for the early results of my first two VI treatments, I would  have given up long ago. However, I've now had 8-10 more with no benefit and only a worsening of the condition, though I attribute that to a second injury more than the VI. But, it's encouraging to hear others suggest that I should consider moving on to something else. I've only glance at Pentox forums and information, but will look into it more intensely.  Skjaldborg, have you noticed any side effects from the Pentox?

George999, thank you for the link to Dr. Liu's article. I found it to be quite informative and has a nice breakdown of the success (or lack thereof) various treatments. I may ease off the L. Carnitine, as it hasn't seemed to have an effect on me. I know that my often-knotted body tends to respond best to heat, massage and stretching, and though there aren't many muscle fibers in the penis I hope hyperthermia, massaging and VED protocols will help. I'm definitely going to look into Pentox as well.

Thanks again!




Q: Skjaldborg, have you noticed any side effects from the Pentox?

A: I did notice some jitteriness and nausea if I did not take it on a completely full stomach.




Thank you for sharing your experiences with the medication. I'm definitely going to speak to my doctor about it. He's a pretty well-established urologist in Los Angeles who has done a lot of work with Peyronie's, but if he hesitates on this, I will take your advice and look for a male sexual health specialist.




It has taken me a while to get used to first I had bad acid and nausea. I gradually built up to the full dose. I had a bit of a set back when I came down with a Gastro bug and my GP told me to rest from my medication until my stomach settled again. I then gradually reintroduced the Pentox and have built it back up to optimal dose.

What I'm trying to say to you and anyone else who has a some dificulty tolerating Pentox is that be patient and stick with it. I now take it and have no trouble at all with it.