First injection today

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So earlier i was terrified, no thanks to all of the fear mongers here

So far so good. No uneasiness. No huge pain that every single person here seems to predict. No massive swelling

I know its been less than seven hours but im feeling optimistic.

Now if i can straighten out and gain all of my length back


About twenty four hours later. Minor swelling this morning when I woke up. Just a little tender near the injection site. Doc says I can start doing the modeling as soon as I want.

Doc did know that he was injecting into the plaque because he mentioned that his thumb was getting sore from pushing on the needle plunger thingy

I'm not gonna push the issue just yet.

Second shot of first series scheduled for this Tuesday


The pain is very tolerable. I would take an ice pack with me and place it between my legs for the drive home afterwards. No issues for me.
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Second injection went as well as my first. Not much pain at all. Doctor saw me flinch once, apologized, more lidocaine and on to finishing off. So far, satisfied. No ice pack needed.  Went straight back to work


So, I have been given two choices (plication and Xiaflex) and I am leaning towards the injections. Just waiting on word back on total costs between the two. Not really a huge surgery fan as it is permanent. With all that being said, did you go to these by yourself? How was driving home? Most likely my wife would be coming with me but in case she is not, curious how driving was. Mine would be about an hour commute back home. Thanks for the feedback.


I went through three rounds of xiaflex (6 injections) and had no problem driving home etc. The injection is a very short but painful shot and even without lidocaine (in my case) pain was gone in 1-2 minutes. The pain comes later with any swelling, bruising etc. but i could still walk and drive etc. Just no sex or sports etc. If insurance is paying most of the Xiaflex treatment, I definitely agree you should start there before surgery. Good luck!
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I had my third injection today. It's the first of the second round. I was numbed with a nerve block. I drove an hour to my hometown without any pain whatsoever. I went and picked up a prescription and groceries as well. The pain comes later. I'm starting to feel discomfort now and it's been 6 hours since the injection.
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If you do come online. Please can you share your results?
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